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Operating Systems AIX NFS mount from windows NAS with NFS server, have hidden folder on UNIX Post 303046081 by vbe on Thursday 23rd of April 2020 09:21:03 AM
Old 04-23-2020
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We are missing too much information in order to give you a reply, we have no idea how your Windows server is configured nor do we know how you mount on your linux client, then we know nothing about your current OS both sides...
Do you have a user mapping file in place on your NFS server? what about the groups?...
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nfsstat(8)						      System Manager's Manual							nfsstat(8)

nfsstat - list NFS statistics SYNOPSIS
The nfsstat displays statistics kept about NFS client and server activity. OPTIONS
-s, --server Print only server-side statistics. The default is to print both server and client statistics. -c, --client Print only client-side statistics. -n, --nfs Print only NFS statistics. The default is to print both NFS and RPC information. -2 Print only NFS v2 statistics. The default is to only print information about the versions of NFS that have non-zero counts. -3 Print only NFS v3 statistics. The default is to only print information about the versions of NFS that have non-zero counts. -4 Print only NFS v4 statistics. The default is to only print information about the versions of NFS that have non-zero counts. -m, --mounts Print information about each of the mounted NFS file systems. If this option is used, all other options are ignored. -r, --rpc Print only RPC statistics. -o facility Display statistics for the specified facility, which must be one of: nfs NFS protocol information, split up by RPC call. rpc General RPC information. net Network layer statistics, such as the number of received packets, number of TCP connections, etc. fh Usage information on the server's file handle cache, including the total number of lookups, and the number of hits and misses. rc Usage information on the server's request reply cache, including the total number of lookups, and the number of hits and misses. all Display all of the above facilities. -v, --verbose This is equivalent to -o all. -l, --list Print information in list form. -S, --since file Instead of printing current statistics, nfsstat imports statistics from file and displays the difference between those and the cur- rent statistics. Valid input files may be in the form of /proc/net/rpc/nfs (raw client stats), /proc/net/rpc/nfsd (raw server stats), or saved output from nfsstat itself (client and/or server stats). Any statistics missing from a saved nfsstat output file are treated as zeroes. -Z[interval], --sleep=[interval] Instead of printing current statistics and immediately exiting, nfsstat takes a snapshot of the current statistics and pauses until it receives SIGINT (typically from Ctrl-C), at which point it takes another snapshot and displays the difference between the two. If interval is specified, nfsstat will print the number of NFS calls made since the previous report. Stats will be printed repeat- edly every interval seconds. EXAMPLES
nfsstat -o all -234 Show all information about all versions of NFS. nfsstat --verbose -234 Same as above. nfsstat -o all Show all information about active versions of NFS. nfsstat --nfs --server -3 Show statistics for NFS version 3 server. nfsstat -m Show information about mounted NFS filesystems. DISPLAY
The Flags output from the -m option is the same as the flags give to the mount command. FILES
/proc/net/rpc/nfsd procfs-based interface to kernel NFS server statistics. /proc/net/rpc/nfs procfs-based interface to kernel NFS client statistics. /proc/mounts procfs-based interface to the mounted filesystems. SEE ALSO
rpc.nfsd(8). nfs(5). BUGS
The default output has been changed. To get the old default output you must run nfsstat --auto -2. The function of the -v and -a options have changed. The -a option is now reserved for future use. The -v does what the -a option used to do, and the new -[234] options replace the -v option. The Display section should be more complete. Further bugs can be found or reported at AUTHOR
Olaf Kirch, <> 7 Aug 2007 nfsstat(8)

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