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Contact Us Post Here to Contact Site Administrators and Moderators Question regarding my blog-thread Post 303046078 by Neo on Thursday 23rd of April 2020 09:06:28 AM
Old 04-23-2020
Normally, all attachments uploaded to the forums should be in format:


This is how attachment inserted correctly into the forum posts will look when you edit the post.

Here is an example from one of my posts (in the editor);

Question regarding my blog-thread-screen-shot-2020-04-23-80547-pmjpg

The reason I hid my post is that we will be moving to the new forums soon, and I did not want to annoy you about this.
This User Gave Thanks to Neo For This Post:
Test Your Knowledge in Computers #846
Difficulty: Medium
The term "sideload" was coined in the late 1990s by IBM.
True or False?

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Font::TTF::GDEF(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				      Font::TTF::GDEF(3pm)

Font::TTF::GDEF - Opentype GDEF table support DESCRIPTION
The GDEF table contains various global lists of information which are apparantly used in other places in an OpenType renderer. But precisely where is open to speculation... INSTANCE VARIABLES
There are 4 tables in the GDEF table, each with their own structure: GLYPH This is an Font::TTF::Coverage Class Definition table containing information as to what type each glyph is. ATTACH The attach table consists of a coverage table and then attachment points for each glyph in the coverage table: COVERAGE This is a coverage table POINTS This is an array of point elements. Each element is an array of curve points corresponding to the attachment points on that glyph. The order of the curve points in the array corresponds to the attachment point number specified in the MARKS coverage table (see below). LIG This contains the ligature caret positioning information for ligature glyphs COVERAGE A coverage table to say which glyphs are ligatures LIGS An array of elements for each ligature. Each element is an array of information for each caret position in the ligature (there being number of components - 1 of these, generally) FMT This is the format of the information and is important to provide the semantics for the value. This value must be set correctly before output VAL The value which has meaning according to FMT DEVICE For FMT = 3, a device table is also referenced which is stored here MARKS Due to confusion in the GDEF specification, this field is currently withdrawn until the confusion is resolved. That way, perhaps this stuff will work! This class definition table stores the mark attachment point numbers for each attachment mark, to indicate which attachment point the mark attaches to on its base glyph. METHODS
$t->read Reads the table into the data structure $t->out($fh) Writes out this table. perl v5.10.1 2009-01-29 Font::TTF::GDEF(3pm)

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