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Special Forums UNIX and Linux Applications Problems displaying JOSSO atricore-console Post 303045411 by anaigini45 on Friday 20th of March 2020 01:14:53 AM
Old 03-20-2020
I am rushing for a dateline to complete this task by 27/3/2020 on production. However, this is only in UAT.

My colleague advised to use browser developement console, and this was the error :

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

However, installing JOSSO2 is new to me, and I am not sure if any missing pre-requisites has caused this problem.

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Ns_ConnReturnStatus(3aolserver) 			   AOLserver Library Procedures 			   Ns_ConnReturnStatus(3aolserver)


Ns_ConnReturnBadRequest, Ns_ConnReturnForbidden, Ns_ConnReturnInternalError, Ns_ConnReturnNoResponse, Ns_ConnReturnNotFound, Ns_ConnReturn- NotImplemented, Ns_ConnReturnNotModified, Ns_ConnReturnOk, Ns_ConnReturnStatus, Ns_ConnReturnUnauthorized, Ns_RegisterRedirect - Routines to return simple standard responses SYNOPSIS
#include "ns.h" int Ns_ConnReturnBadRequest(conn, msg) int Ns_ConnReturnForbidden(conn) int Ns_ConnReturnInternalError(conn) int Ns_ConnReturnNoResponse(conn) int Ns_ConnReturnNotFound(conn) int Ns_ConnReturnNotImplemented(conn) int Ns_ConnReturnNotModified(conn) int Ns_ConnReturnOk(conn) int Ns_ConnReturnStatus(conn, status) int Ns_ConnReturnUnauthorized(conn) void Ns_RegisterRedirect(server, status, url) ARGUMENTS
Ns_Conn conn (in) Pointer to open connection. char *msg (in) String with additional message text. int status (in) Integer HTTP status code. char *url (in) String which specifies internal redirection url. char *server(in) Virtual server. _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
These routines are used to generate complete responses, including headers, approriate status codes, content types, and possibly short HTML content messages for the most common HTTP error or status responses. They each coorespond to a particular HTTP status code, for example, Ns_ConnReturnNotFound generates an HTTP 404 "Not Found" response. They all return NS_OK if the response was sent or NS_ERROR if an under- lying routine failed. The default behavior is to return an internal, server generated response possibly with a short English language message, for example "The requested URL cannot be accessed by this server". This behavior can be modified by calling the Ns_RegisterRedirect to redirect responses internally for the cooresponding HTTP status code to another URL on the server. The "redirects" server config section can be used to map these redirects at startup int Ns_ConnReturnBadRequest(conn, msg) Returns an HTTP 400 response with the short HTML message "Invalid Request: The HTTP request presented by your browser is invalid." The optional msg string, if present, is also included in the message body. int Ns_ConnReturnForbidden(conn) Returns an HTTP 403 response with the short HTML message "Forbidden: The requested URL cannot be accessed by this server." int Ns_ConnReturnInternalError(conn) Returns an HTTP 500 response with the short HTML message "Server Error: The requested URL cannot be accessed due to a system error on this server." int Ns_ConnReturnNoResponse(conn) Equivalent to Ns_ConnReturnStatus(conn, 204). int Ns_ConnReturnNotFound(conn) Returns an HTTP 404 response with the short HTML message "Not Found: The requested URL was not found on this server." int Ns_ConnReturnNotImplemented(conn) Returns an HTTP 404 response with the short HTML message "Not Implemented: The requested URL or method is not implemented by this server." int Ns_ConnReturnNotModified(conn) Equivalent to Ns_ConnReturnStatus(conn, 304). int Ns_ConnReturnOk(conn) Equivalent to Ns_ConnReturnStatus(conn, 200). int Ns_ConnReturnStatus(conn, status) Generates a response with the given HTTP status with no content. int Ns_ConnReturnUnauthorized(conn) Returns an HTTP 401 response with the short HTML message "Access Denied: The requested URL cannot be accessed because a valid user- name and password are required." As "WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm=server realm" header is also included in the response. void Ns_RegisterRedirect(server, status, url) Redirect the above responses from the given server for the given status code from the simple internal messages described above to the given internal url. The redirect is performed using Ns_ConnRedirect. SEE ALSO
Ns_ConnFlush(3), Ns_ConnRedirect(3), Ns_ConnSetRequiredHeaders(3), Ns_ConnQueueHeaders(3), ns_return(n) KEYWORDS
connnection, response AOLserver 4.0 Ns_ConnReturnStatus(3aolserver)

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