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Homework and Emergencies Homework & Coursework Questions Trouble with setting permissions and such Post 303045016 by AggressiveZebra on Wednesday 11th of March 2020 12:42:55 AM
Old 03-11-2020
Trouble with setting permissions and such

I have been trying so hard to be able to do this on my own but I feel I am not grasping what is being asked and I don't know how to start. I Am learning sysadmin fundementals but it is extremely hard. Please help!

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data:
Set permissions on sensitive files:

Set permissions on /etc/shadow to allow only root read and write access.
Set permissions on /etc/gshadow to allow only root read and write access.
Set permissions on /etc/group to allow root read and write access, and allow everyone else read access only.
Set permissions on /etc/passwd to allow root read and write access, and allow everyone else read access only.

Create user accounts:

Add user accounts adam, billy, sally, max, tripwire and sysadmin.
Force users to create 16 character passwords incorporating numbers and symbols.
Force passwords to expire every 90 days.
Ensure that only the admin has general sudo access.

2. Relevant commands, code, scripts, algorithms:
chmod, chown, chage, groups, usermod, etc

3. The attempts at a solution (include all code and scripts):
chmod +rwx /etc/shadow
chmod /etc/shadow
ls -l /etc/shadow
chown -c /etc/shadow

4. Complete Name of School (University), City (State), Country, Name of Professor, and Course Number (Link to Course):
University of Riverside, California, Matthew Summerville, Cybersecuirty Bootcamp

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plimit(1)                                                          User Commands                                                         plimit(1)

plimit - get or set the resource limits of running processes SYNOPSIS
plimit [-km] pid... plimit {-cdfnstv} soft,hard... pid... DESCRIPTION
If one or more of the cdfnstv options is specified, plimit sets the soft (current) limit and/or the hard (maximum) limit of the indicated resource(s) in the processes identified by the process-ID list, pid. Otherwise plimit reports the resource limits of the processes identi- fied by the process-ID list, pid. Only the owner of a process or the super-user is permitted either to get or to set the resource limits of a process. Only the super-user can increase the hard limit. OPTIONS
The following options are supported: -k On output, show file sizes in kilobytes (1024 bytes) rather than in 512-byte blocks. -m On output, show file and memory sizes in megabytes (1024*1024 bytes). The remainder of the options are used to change specified resource limits. They each accept an argument of the form: soft,hard where soft specifies the soft (current) limit and hard specifies the hard (maximum) limit. If the hard limit is not specified, the comma may be omitted. If the soft limit is an empty string, only the hard limit is set. Each limit is either the literal string unlimited, or a number, with an optional scaling factor, as follows: nk n kilobytes nm n megabytes (minutes for CPU time) nh n hours (for CPU time only) mm:ss minutes and seconds (for CPU time only) The soft limit cannot exceed the hard limit. -c soft,hard Set core file size limits (default unit is 512-byte blocks). -d soft,hard Set data segment (heap) size limits (default unit is kilobytes). -f soft,hard Set file size limits (default unit is 512-byte blocks). -n soft,hard Set file descriptor limits (no default unit). -s soft,hard Set stack segment size limits (default unit is kilobytes). -t soft,hard Set CPU time limits (default unit is seconds). -v soft,hard Set virtual memory size limits (default unit is kilobytes). OPERANDS
The following operands are supported. pid Process ID list. EXIT STATUS
plimit returns the exit value zero on success, non-zero on failure (such as no such process, permission denied, or invalid option). FILES
/proc/pid/* process information and control files ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWesu | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
ulimit(1), proc(1), getrlimit(2), setrlimit(2), proc(4), attributes(5), SunOS 5.10 8 Jun 1998 plimit(1)

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