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Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers How to split one long column into multiple rows with 3 each ? Post 303044569 by MadeInGermany on Wednesday 26th of February 2020 04:37:04 PM
Old 02-26-2020
Nice solution Smilie
For symmetry reason (and the border case "empty input file") it should be END {printf DL}.
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pg_fetch_all_columns - Fetches all rows in a particular result column as an array

array pg_fetch_all_columns (resource $result, [int $column]) DESCRIPTION
pg_fetch_all_columns(3) returns an array that contains all rows (records) in a particular column of the result resource. Note This function sets NULL fields to the PHP NULL value. PARAMETERS
o $result - PostgreSQL query result resource, returned by pg_query(3), pg_query_params(3) or pg_execute(3) (among others). o $column - Column number, zero-based, to be retrieved from the result resource. Defaults to the first column if not specified. RETURN VALUES
An array with all values in the result column. FALSE is returned if $column is larger than the number of columns in the result, or on any other error. EXAMPLES
Example #1 pg_fetch_all_columns(3) example <?php $conn = pg_pconnect("dbname=publisher"); if (!$conn) { echo "An error occurred. "; exit; } $result = pg_query($conn, "SELECT title, name, address FROM authors"); if (!$result) { echo "An error occurred. "; exit; } // Get an array of all author names $arr = pg_fetch_all_columns($result, 1); var_dump($arr); ?> SEE ALSO
pg_fetch_all(3). PHP Documentation Group PG_FETCH_ALL_COLUMNS(3)

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