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here's a suggestion using pup, a html-parser written in go:

pup 'div p text{}' < data.html

# Output:




Explanation: Get all p-Elements with div-elements as parents and output the text data of it.

To get rid of the empty lines, I suggest a small sed command afterwards:

pup 'div p text{}' < data.html | sed '/^\s*$/d'

# Output

Another short demonstration of pup which I shortly used to get the numbers of cases for the coronovirus out of a complex website and into variables(for generating this graph: coronavirus statistics)) with only one combined command:

 read n n n n infected deceased recovered < <(wget -O- -q  \
       | pup 'div[id="maincounter-wrap"]' | pup 'h1,span text{}' | xargs echo)

Pup is found here: pup on Github

As all GO binaries, it's statically linked and quite large in size(4 MB). Precompiled Binaries are available on github(link above).

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cs_dump(3)							      cs/cs.h								cs_dump(3)

cs_dump - dump the cs parse tree SYNOPSIS
#include <cs/cs.h> NEOERR *cs_dump (CSPARSE *parse, void *ctx, CSOUTFUNC cb); ARGUMENTS
parse - the CSPARSE structure created with cs_init ctx - user data to be passed to the CSOUTFUNC cb - a CSOUTFUNC callback DESCRIPTION
cs_dump will dump the CS parse tree in the parse struct. This can be useful for debugging your templates. This function also uses the CSOUTFUNC callback to display the parse tree. RETURN VALUE
cs_dump(3), cs_destroy(3), cs_render(3), cs_register_esc_strfunc(3), cs_arg_parsev(3), cs_register_fileload(3), cs_init(3), cs_regis- ter_strfunc(3), cs_arg_parse(3), cs_parse_string(3), cs_parse_file(3), =(3), cs_register_function ClearSilver 12 July 2007 cs_dump(3)

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