The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Poster of the Year 2019 - Jeroen van Dijke Post 303043913 by RavinderSingh13 on Tuesday 11th of February 2020 01:32:30 AM
Thanks a TON Neo for awarding this to Scrutinizer, a well deserved award S Smilie

@Scrutinizer, First of all congrats S Smilie First thing first, your posts are Good, concise, Up to the mark, full of knowledge and we all learn from them. Second thing for my personal experience with you on initial days of forums is, I believe you remember it(I do) where you were the first person to encourage me to learn and post, my wishes are with you sir please keep up the good work.

R. Singh
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The GNU website is the official repository for Slackware.
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YAZ_ITEMORDER(3)							 1							  YAZ_ITEMORDER(3)

yaz_itemorder - Prepares for Z39.50 Item Order with an ILL-Request package

void yaz_itemorder (resource $id, array $args) DESCRIPTION
This function prepares for an Extended Services request using the Profile for the Use of Z39.50 Item Order Extended Service to Transport ILL (Profile/1). See this and the specification. PARAMETERS
o $id - The connection resource returned by yaz_connect(3). o $args - Must be an associative array with information about the Item Order request to be sent. The key of the hash is the name of the corresponding ASN.1 tag path. For example, the ISBN below the Item-ID has the key item-id,ISBN. The ILL-Request parameters are: transaction-id,initial-requester-id,person-or-institution-symbol,person transaction-id,initial-requester-id,person-or-institution- symbol,institution transaction-id,initial-requester-id,name-of-person-or-institution,name-of-person transaction-id,initial- requester-id,name-of-person-or-institution,name-of-institution transaction-id,transaction-group-qualifier transaction-id,transac- tion-qualifier transaction-id,sub-transaction-qualifier service-date-time,this,date service-date-time,this,time service-date- time,original,date service-date-time,original,time requester-id,person-or-institution-symbol,person requester-id,person-or-institu- tion-symbol,institution requester-id,name-of-person-or-institution,name-of-person requester-id,name-of-person-or-institution,name- of-institution responder-id,person-or-institution-symbol,person responder-id,person-or-institution-symbol,institution responder- id,name-of-person-or-institution,name-of-person responder-id,name-of-person-or-institution,name-of-institution transaction-type delivery-address,postal-address,name-of-person-or-institution,name-of-person delivery-address,postal-address,name-of-person-or- institution,name-of-institution delivery-address,postal-address,extended-postal-delivery-address delivery-address,postal- address,street-and-number delivery-address,postal-address,post-office-box delivery-address,postal-address,city delivery- address,postal-address,region delivery-address,postal-address,country delivery-address,postal-address,postal-code delivery- address,electronic-address,telecom-service-identifier delivery-address,electronic-address,telecom-service-addreess billing- address,postal-address,name-of-person-or-institution,name-of-person billing-address,postal-address,name-of-person-or-institu- tion,name-of-institution billing-address,postal-address,extended-postal-delivery-address billing-address,postal-address,street-and- number billing-address,postal-address,post-office-box billing-address,postal-address,city billing-address,postal-address,region billing-address,postal-address,country billing-address,postal-address,postal-code billing-address,electronic-address,telecom-ser- vice-identifier billing-address,electronic-address,telecom-service-addreess ill-service-type requester-optional-messages,can-send- RECEIVED requester-optional-messages,can-send-RETURNED requester-optional-messages,requester-SHIPPED requester-optional-mes- sages,requester-CHECKED-IN search-type,level-of-service search-type,need-before-date search-type,expiry-date search-type,expiry-flag place-on-hold client-id,client-name client-id,client-status client-id,client-identifier item-id,item-type item-id,call-number item- id,author item-id,title item-id,sub-title item-id,sponsoring-body item-id,place-of-publication item-id,publisher item-id,series- title-number item-id,volume-issue item-id,edition item-id,publication-date item-id,publication-date-of-component item-id,author-of- article item-id,title-of-article item-id,pagination item-id,ISBN item-id,ISSN item-id,additional-no-letters item-id,verification- reference-source copyright-complicance retry-flag forward-flag requester-note forward-note user-id contact-name contact-phone contact-email itemorder-item RETURN VALUES
No value is returned. PHP Documentation Group YAZ_ITEMORDER(3)

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