Operating Systems AIX How to avoid errors when moving files in a bff? Post 303042925 by Neo on Saturday 11th of January 2020 12:07:43 AM
You should really post the script you are using, if you wish to have help.

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DH_MOVEFILES(1) 						     Debhelper							   DH_MOVEFILES(1)

dh_movefiles - move files out of debian/tmp into subpackages SYNOPSIS
dh_movefiles [debhelperoptions] [--sourcedir=dir] [-Xitem] file...] DESCRIPTION
dh_movefiles is a debhelper program that is responsible for moving files out of debian/tmp or some other directory and into other package build directories. This may be useful if your package has a Makefile that installs everything into debian/tmp, and you need to break that up into subpackages. Note: dh_install is a much better program, and you are recommended to use it instead of dh_movefiles. FILES
debian/package.files Lists the files to be moved into a package, separated by whitespace. The filenames listed should be relative to debian/tmp/. You can also list directory names, and the whole directory will be moved. OPTIONS
--sourcedir=dir Instead of moving files out of debian/tmp (the default), this option makes it move files out of some other directory. Since the entire contents of the sourcedir is moved, specifying something like --sourcedir=/ is very unsafe, so to prevent mistakes, the sourcedir must be a relative filename; it cannot begin with a `/'. -Xitem, --exclude=item Exclude files that contain item anywhere in their filename from being installed. file ... Lists files to move. The filenames listed should be relative to debian/tmp/. You can also list directory names, and the whole directory will be moved. It is an error to list files here unless you use -p, -i, or -a to tell dh_movefiles which subpackage to put them in. NOTES
Note that files are always moved out of debian/tmp by default (even if you have instructed debhelper to use a compatibility level higher than one, which does not otherwise use debian/tmp for anything at all). The idea behind this is that the package that is being built can be told to install into debian/tmp, and then files can be moved by dh_movefiles from that directory. Any files or directories that remain are ignored, and get deleted by dh_clean later. SEE ALSO
debhelper(7) This program is a part of debhelper. AUTHOR
Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> 8.9.0ubuntu2.1 2012-06-12 DH_MOVEFILES(1)

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