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YAZ-URL(1)							     Commands								YAZ-URL(1)

yaz-url - YAZ URL fetch utility SYNOPSIS
yaz-url [-H name:value] [-m method] [-O fname] [-p fname] [-u user/password] [-x proxy] [url...] DESCRIPTION
yaz-url is utility to get web content. It is very limited in functionality compared to programs such as curl, wget. The options must be precede the URL given on the command line to take effect. Fetched HTTP content is written to stdout, unless option -O is given. OPTIONS
-H name:value Specifies HTTP header content with name and value. This option can be given multiple times (for different names, of course). -m method Specifies the HTTP method to be used for the next URL. Default is method "GET". However, option -p sets it to "POST". -O fname Sets output filename for HTTP content. -p fname Sets a file to be POSTed in the folloing URL. -u user/password Specifies a user and a password to be uesd in HTTP basic authentication in the following URL fetch. The user and password must be separated by a slash (this it is not possible to specify a user with a slash in it). -x proxy Specifies a proxy to be used for URL fetch. SEE ALSO
yaz(7) YAZ 4.2.30 04/16/2012 YAZ-URL(1)

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