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Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers How to find the count of IP addresses that belong to different subnets and display the count? Post 303039423 by rbatte1 on Friday 4th of October 2019 10:22:59 AM
Old 10-04-2019
If you have them in a file, how about:-
cut -f-3 -d"." input|sort|uniq -c

Would that do? It's not quite the pretty output, but you get the detail you need.

I hope that this helps,
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XSetIconSizes(3X11)													       XSetIconSizes(3X11)

       XSetIconSizes, XGetIconSizes - set or get icon size hints

       XSetIconSizes(display, w, size_list, count)
	     Display *display;
	     Window w;
	     XIconSize *size_list;
	     int count;

       Status XGetIconSizes(display, w, size_list_return, count_return)
	     Display *display;
	     Window w;
	     XIconSize **size_list_return;
	     int *count_return;

       display	 Specifies the connection to the X server.

       count	 Specifies the number of items in the size list.

		 Returns the number of items in the size list.

       size_list Specifies a pointer to the size list.

		 Returns a pointer to the size list.

       w	 Specifies the window.

       The function is used only by window managers to set the supported icon sizes.

       can generate and errors.

       The  function  returns zero if a window manager has not set icon sizes or nonzero otherwise.  should be called by an application that wants
       to find out what icon sizes would be most appreciated by the window manager under which the application is running.  The application should
       then  use  to  supply  the  window  manager  with  an  icon  pixmap or window in one of the supported sizes.  To free the data allocated in
       size_list_return, use

       can generate a error.


       The server failed to allocate the requested resource or server memory.

       A value for a Window argument does not name a defined Window.

See Also
       XSetClassHint(3X11), XSetCommand(3X11), XSetIconName(3X11), XSetNormalHints(3X11), XSetSizeHints(3X11), XSetStandardProperties(3X11), XSet-
       TransientForHint(3X11), XSetWMHints(3X11), XSetZoomHints(3X11), XStoreName(3X11)
       Guide to the Xlib Library


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