The Lounge What is on Your Mind? The Dark Years of UNIX (2003 - 2011) | A Decade Lost to Legal Battles | YouTube Video Post 303037112 by Neo on Wednesday 24th of July 2019 01:12:07 AM
Originally Posted by drl
Hi, Neo.

Thanks, I like it. In the last frame, There were no winners ..., the type size was small and went by too quickly for me to be able to read it in one viewing ... cheers, drl
Hey DRL,

Was trying out new video editing software, Davinci Resolve 16, so I decided to change the font sizes on this video as you requested.

I also changed the music (less dramatic, more epic) and added some new "darkness" audio effects to match the intro, outro and overall theme (for fun).

Will upload the link to the new video when I get the final render done and uploaded to YT.

Thanks for the comment. Comments are welcome and always appreciated.



(not so happy with the new audio background track.... but it's time to move on to a new project).
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PLAYMPEG(1)						      General Commands Manual						       PLAYMPEG(1)

plaympeg - MPEG audio (MP3) and video (MPEG-1) player SYNOPSIS
plaympeg [options] file ... DESCRIPTION
plaympeg is an MPEG audio and video player that uses the SDL MPEG Player Library. It can play back MPEG audio (layer 1, 2 and 3), MPEG video (MPEG-1) and MPEG system (audio and video combined) files. MPEG-2 video files (as found on DVDs) are not supported. The video player works best on a 16 bit color depth X11 display, it works on other color depths with reduced speed as well. You'll need a CPU with 300 MHz or more to play back an MPEG system stream with 25 frames per seconds (fps) at full speed. OPTIONS
--help Show short usage information --noaudio Don't play the audio stream (if available) --novideo Don't play the video stream (if available) --fullscreen Play the MPEG video stream in fullscreen mode (this requires root privileges or a setuid plaympeg binary) -2, --double Play the MPEG video stream at double size -l, --loop Play the stream (audio or video) over and over again -v N, --volume N Set the volume of the audio stream to N% (N in the range of 0 to 100) -s S, --scale S Play the MPEG video stream at S size SEE ALSO
SMPEG home page at AUTHOR
The SDL MPEG Player Library was written by Karl Robillard and Sam Lantinga of Loki Entertainment Software. Please report any bugs and/or fixes to This manual page was written by Stefan Gybas <> for the Debian GNU/Linux system, but may be used elsewhere under the GPL. PLAYMPEG(1)

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