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Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers Is this sort working as it is supposed to be? A bit confused whether it is sorting correctly or not Post 303035937 by RudiC on Monday 10th of June 2019 03:37:46 AM
Your attempt to sort -t"|" -k1 is not enough, as (man sort)
KEYDEF is F[.C][OPTS][,F[.C][OPTS]] for start and stop position, where F is a field number and C a character position in the field; both are origin 1, and the stop position defaults to the line's end.
, so -k1 is equivalent to no key at all. Try
sort -t"|" -k1,1  file

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sortbib(1)						      General Commands Manual							sortbib(1)

       sortbib - sort bibliographic database

       sortbib [-sKEYS] database...

       The  command sorts files of records containing refer key-letters by user-specified keys.  Records may be separated by blank lines, or by .[
       and .] delimiters, but the two styles may not be mixed together.  This program reads through each database and pulls out key fields,  which
       are  sorted  separately.   The sorted key fields contain the file pointer, byte offset, and length of corresponding records.  These records
       are delivered using disk seeks and reads, so may not be used in a pipeline to read standard input.

       By default, alphabetizes by the first %A and the %D fields, which contain the senior author and date.  The -s option is used to specify new
       KEYS.  For instance, -sATD will sort by author, title, and date, while -sA+D will sort by all authors, and date.  Sort keys past the fourth
       are not meaningful.  No more than 16 databases may be sorted together at one time.  Records longer than 4096 characters will be truncated.

       The command sorts on the last word on the %A line, which is assumed to be the author's last name.  A word in the final  position,  such	as
       ``jr.''	or  ``ed.'',  will be ignored if the name beforehand ends with a comma.  Authors with two-word last names or unusual constructions
       can be sorted correctly by using the convention ``'' in place of a blank.  A %Q field is considered to be the same as %A, except  sorting
       begins  with  the first, not the last, word.  The command sorts on the last word of the %D line, usually the year.  It also ignores leading
       articles (like ``A'' or ``The'') when sorting by titles in the %T or %J fields; it will ignore articles of any  modern  European  language.
       If a sort-significant field is absent from a record, places that record before other records containing that field.

	  Specifies new sort KEYS.  For example, ATD sorts by author, title, and date.

See Also
       addbib(1), indxbib(1), lookbib(1), refer(1), roffbib(1)


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