Operating Systems OS X (Apple) 12-Core MacPro (2013) kernel_task over 1200% Post 303033935 by Neo on Sunday 14th of April 2019 11:45:55 PM

Restored 148.6 GB
Time Remaining: 6 hours and 18 minutes.

Let's keep our fingers crossed .....
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Mac::AETE::App(3)					User Contributed Perl Documentation					 Mac::AETE::App(3)

Mac::AETE::App - reads the Macintosh Apple event dictionary from an application. SYNOPSIS
use Mac::AETE::App; use Mac::AETE::Format::Dictionary; $app = App->new("My Application"); $formatter = Dictionary->new; $app->set_format($formatter); $app->read; $app->write; DESCRIPTION
The App module simplifies reading the Apple event dictionary from an application. It will launch the application if necessary to obtain the dictionary. Methods new Example: ($name is the name of the application.) use Mac::AETE::App; use Mac::AETE::Format::Dictionary; $app = App->new($aete_handle, $name); read (Inherited from Mac::AETE::Parser.) Reads the data contained in the AETE resource or handle. Example: $app->read; set_format (Inherited from Mac::AETE::Parser.) Sets the output formatter used during by the 'write' subroutine. Example: $formatter = Dictionary->new; $app->set_format($formatter); copy (Inherited from Mac::AETE::Parser.) Copies all suites from one Parser object into another. Example: $aete2 = Parser->new($aete_handle2, $another_name); $app->copy($aete2); copies the suites from $aete2 into $aete. merge (Inherited from Mac::AETE::Parser.) Merges suites from one Parser object into another. Only the suites that exist in both objects will be replaced. Example: $aete3 = Parser->new($aete_handle2, $another_name); $app->merge($aete3); write (Inherited from Mac::AETE::Parser.) Prints the contents of the AETE or AEUT resource using the current formatter. $app->write; INHERITANCE
Inherits from Mac::AETE::Parser. AUTHOR
David Schooley <dcschooley@mediaone.net> perl v5.10.0 2005-05-16 Mac::AETE::App(3)

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