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Top Forums Web Development Simple Vue.js Component to Redirect to External Web Page Using Vue Router Post 303031806 by Neo on Wednesday 6th of March 2019 04:18:33 AM
Simple Vue.js Component to Redirect to External Web Page Using Vue Router

Vue Router has some quirks and on of the quirks is that it is not reliable when adding external links using the vue-router library.

After struggling with many solutions, I have found that creating a simple Vue.js component like this one seems to work the best (so far):

Component Example: RedirectNotes.vue

  <div class="d-flex justify-content-around" style="padding:20px" v-if="redirect()">
      <h3>This Vue Component Does a Basic Redirect</h3>

export default {
  methods: {
    redirect() {
      var url = "";
      this.$router.push({ path: "/dashboard" });, "_target");


Naturally the entries is routes.js are simple:

const RedirectNotes = () => import("src/pages/vB/RedirectNotes.vue");

        path: "usernotes",
        name: "User Notes",
        components: { default: RedirectNotes }

This is not the best method, but it is the only method that works consistently in vue-router so far.

The downside is that some browsers may block the new window and the user will need to grant permissions.
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Router::Simple::Cookbook(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation			     Router::Simple::Cookbook(3pm)

Router::Simple::Cookbook - The Router::Simple Cookbook FAQ
How to create Sinatra-ish framework with Router::Simple? Please read the following example code. package MySinatraish; use Router::Simple; use Plack::Request; sub import { my $pkg = caller(0); my $router = Router::Simple->new(); my $any = sub ($$;$) { my ($pattern, $dest, $opt) = do { if (@_ == 3) { my ($methods, $pattern, $code) = @_; ($pattern, {code => $code}, +{method => [ map { uc $_ } @$methods ]}); } else { my ($pattern, $code) = @_; ($pattern, {code => $code}, +{}); } }; $router->connect( $pattern, $dest, $opt, ); }; no strict 'refs'; # any [qw/get post delete/] => '/bye' => sub { ... }; # any '/bye' => sub { ... }; *{"${pkg}::any"} = $any; *{"${pkg}::get"} = sub { $any->([qw/GET HEAD/], $_[0], $_[1]); }; *{"${pkg}::post"} = sub { $any->([qw/POST/], $_[0], $_[1]); }; *{"${pkg}::as_psgi_app"} = sub { return sub { if (my $p = $router->match($_[0])) { [200, [], [$p->{code}->()]]; } else { [404, [], ['not found']]; } } }; } package MyApp; use MySinatraish; get '/' => sub { 'top'; }; post '/new' => sub { 'posted'; }; as_psgi_app; How to switch from HTTPx::Dispatcher? HTTPx::Dispatcher is class specific declararative router. package MyApp::Dispatcher; use HTTPx::Dspatcher; connect '/', {controller => 'foo', action => 'bar'}; 1; The following script is same as above. package MyApp::Dispatcher; use Router::Simple::Declare; my $router = router { connect '/', {controller => 'foo', action => 'bar'}; }; sub match { $router->match() } How to use Router::Simple with non-strictly-MVC application? use Router::Simple::Declare; my $router = router { connect '/foo/bar/' => { 'target' => '/foobar.asp' }; connect '/topics/:topic' => { target => '/my-topic.asp' }; connect '/products/{Category:.*}' => { target => '/products.asp', Category => 'All' }; connect '/zipcode/{zip:[0-9]{5,5}}' => {target => '/zipcode.asp' }; }; You can pass the target path as destination. AUTHOR
Tokuhiro Matsuno <tokuhirom AAJKLFJEF GMAIL COM> LICENSE
Copyright (C) Tokuhiro Matsuno This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. SEE ALSO
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