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Homework and Emergencies Emergency UNIX and Linux Support How do i start a new thread with my android phone? Post 303026931 by jgt on Wednesday 5th of December 2018 09:24:27 AM
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How do i start a new thread with my android phone?

Test Your Knowledge in Computers #138
Difficulty: Easy
The Unix philosophy is a computer operating system idea that means the operating system provides a set of basic tools that perform a limited, well-defined function, a unified filesystem as the main method of communication, and a shell scripting and command language to combine modular tools to perform more complex workflows.
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kernel_thread_w_arg(9r) 												   kernel_thread_w_arg(9r)

kernel_thread_w_arg - General: Starts a kernel thread with a calling argument passed in SYNOPSIS
thread_t kernel_thread_w_arg( task_t task, void (*start) (void), void* argument ); ARGUMENTS
Specifies a pointer to a task structure. This pointer identifies the task in which the kernel_thread_w_arg routine starts the newly cre- ated kernel thread. Specifies a pointer to a routine that is the entry point for the newly created kernel thread. Specifies the argument that kernel_thread_w_arg passes to the entry point specified in start. DESCRIPTION
The kernel_thread_w_arg routine creates and starts a kernel thread in the specified task at the specified entry point with a specified argument. The kernel_thread_w_arg routine passes the specified argument to the newly created kernel thread. The kernel_thread_w_arg rou- tine creates and starts a kernel thread with timeshare scheduling. A kernel thread created with timeshare scheduling means that its prior- ity degrades if it consumes an inordinate amount of CPU resources. A kernel module should call kernel_thread_w_arg only for long-running tasks. A kernel module should always attach a kernel thread to the ``first task.'' NOTES
This routine is actually a convenience wrapper for the thread_create routine (which creates the kernel thread) and the thread_start routine (which starts the newly created kernel thread). The kernel_thread_w_arg routine behaves identically to kernel_isrthread except that with kernel_thread_w_arg you can pass an argument to the entry point for the newly created kernel thread. RETURN VALUES
Upon successful completion, kernel_thread_w_arg returns a pointer to the thread structure associated with the kernel thread started at the specified entry point. Kernel modules can use this pointer as a handle to a specific kernel thread in calls to other kernel threads-related routines. SEE ALSO
Routines: kernel_isrthread(9r), thread_create(9r), thread_start(9r) Data Structures: task(9s), thread(9s) kernel_thread_w_arg(9r)

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