Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users How to download compressed archive zips in bulky automatically using wget? Post 303016232 by zouhair on Monday 23rd of April 2018 01:26:51 AM
wget -nd -r -P /local/folder -A zip,7z,bzip,xz

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AdvanceCOMP ZIP Compression Utility(1)			      General Commands Manual			    AdvanceCOMP ZIP Compression Utility(1)

advzip - AdvanceCOMP ZIP Compression Utility SYNOPSIS
advzip [-a, --add] [-x, --extract] [-l, --list] [-z, --recompress] [-t, --test] [-0, --shrink-store] [-1, --shrink-fast] [-2, --shrink-normal] [-3, --shrink-extra] [-4, --shrink-insane] [-N, --not-zip] [-p, --pedantic] [-q, --quiet] [-h, --help] [-V, --version] ARCHIVES... [FILES...] DESCRIPTION
The main purpose of this utility is to recompress and test the zip archives to get the smallest possible size. For recompression the 7-Zip ( Deflate implementation is used. This implementation generally gives 5-10% more compression than the zLib Deflate implementation. For experimental purpose also the 7-Zip LZMA algorithm is available with the -N option. In this case, the generated zips WILL NOT BE USABLE by any other program. To make them usable you need to recompress them without the -N option. Generally this algorithm gives 10-20% more compression than the 7-Zip Deflate implementation. OPTIONS
-a, --add ARCHIVE FILES... Create the specified archive with the specified files. You must specify only one archive. -x, --extract ARCHIVE Extract all the files on the specified archive. You must specify only one archive. -l, --list ARCHIVES... List the content of the specified archives. -z, --recompress ARCHIVES... Recompress the specified archives. If the -1, -2, -3 options are specified, it's used the smallest file choice from: the previous compressed data, the new compression and the uncompressed format. If the -0 option is specified the archive is always rewritten without any compression. -t, --test ARCHIVES... Test the specified archives. The tests may be extended with the -p option. -N, --not-zip Use the LZMA algorithm when compressing. The generated zips will not be readable by any other application! -p, --pedantic Be pedantic on the zip tests. If this flag is enabled some more extensive tests on the zip integrity are done. These tests are gen- erally not done by other zip utilities. -0, --shrink-store Disable the compression. The file is only stored and not compressed. This option is very useful to expand the archives of .png and .mp3 files. These files are already compressed, trying to compress them another time is really a waste of time and resource. -1, --shrink-fast Set the compression level to "fast". -2, --shrink-normal Set the compression level to "normal". This is the default level of compression. -3, --shrink-extra Set the compression level to "extra". -4, --shrink-insane Set the compression level to "insane". COPYRIGHT
This file is Copyright (C) 2002 Andrea Mazzoleni, Filipe Estima SEE ALSO
advpng(1), advmng(1), advdef(1) AdvanceCOMP ZIP Compression Utility(1)

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