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XmScrollBarGetValues(library call)										XmScrollBarGetValues(library call)

XmScrollBarGetValues -- A ScrollBar function that returns the ScrollBar's increment values SYNOPSIS
#include <Xm/ScrollBar.h> void XmScrollBarGetValues (widget, value_return, slider_size_return, increment_return, page_increment_return) Widget widget; int * value_return; int * slider_size_return; int * increment_return; int * page_increment_return; (void) DESCRIPTION
XmScrollBarGetValues returns the the ScrollBar's increment values. The scroll region is overlaid with a slider bar that is adjusted in size and position using the main ScrollBar or set slider function attributes. widget Specifies the ScrollBar widget ID. value_return Returns the ScrollBar's slider position between the XmNminimum and XmNmaximum resources. Specify NULL to prevent the return of a particular value. slider_size_return Returns the size of the slider as a value between 0 (zero) and the absolute value of XmNmaximum minus XmNminimum. The size of the slider varies, depending on how much of the slider scroll area it represents. increment_return Returns the amount of increment and decrement. page_increment_return Returns the amount of page increment and decrement. For a complete definition of ScrollBar and its associated resources, see XmScrollBar(3). RETURN
Returns the ScrollBar's increment values. RELATED
XmScrollBar(3). XmScrollBarGetValues(library call)

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