Mounted and unmounted


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Mounted and unmounted.
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Thanks, Rbatte1
what's important to me is (create filesystem) because who is going to install Oracl is another guy and he asked me to
1- create a new volume group and mount it under /u02 of size 100GB. (I created a new vg "VG1"), but I wanna know who to mounted under /u02 of size 100GB
2- no need to mirror filesystem.
-Install Os Patches
I have a subscribed version of Aix 7.1 and what I know Os patches means APARs (Instfix/APAR).
what I wanna know is mounting and unmount and also who to increase paging space.
Below command maybe be informative to you
# oslevel -s
# lsvg

thanks and sorry for if there is anything not clear