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A better question: what's your Solaris version?
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The Open Group released the Single UNIX Specification Version 2 in 1987.
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Intro(9S)						    Data Structures for Drivers 						 Intro(9S)

Intro, intro - introduction to kernel data structures and properties DESCRIPTION
Section 9P describes kernel properties used by device drivers. Section 9S describes the data structures used by drivers to share informa- tion between the driver and the kernel. See Intro(9E) for an overview of device driver interfaces. In Section 9S, reference pages contain the following headings: o NAME summarizes the purpose of the structure or property. o SYNOPSIS lists the include file that defines the structure or property. o INTERFACE LEVEL describes any architecture dependencies. o DESCRIPTION provides general information about the structure or property. o STRUCTURE MEMBERS lists all accessible structure members (for Section 9S). o SEE ALSO gives sources for further information. Of the preceding headings, Section 9P reference pages contain the NAME, DESCRIPTION, and SEE ALSO fields. Every driver MUST include <sys/ddi.h> and <sys/sunddi.h>, in that order, and as final entries. The following table summarizes the STREAMS structures described in Section 9S. +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | Structure | Type | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |copyreq |DDI/DKI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |copyresp |DDI/DKI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |datab |DDI/DKI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |fmodsw |Solaris DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |free_rtn |DDI/DKI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |iocblk |DDI/DKI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |linkblk |DDI/DKI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |module_info |DDI/DKI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |msgb |DDI/DKI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |qband |DDI/DKI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |qinit |DDI/DKI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |queclass |Solaris DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |queue |DDI/DKI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |streamtab |DDI/DKI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |stroptions |DDI/DKI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ The following table summarizes structures that are not specific to STREAMS I/O. +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | Structure | Type | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |aio_req |Solaris DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |buf |DDI/DKI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |cb_ops |Solaris DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |ddi_device_acc_attr |Solaris DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |ddi_dma_attr |Solaris DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |ddi_dma_cookie |Solaris DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |ddi_dma_lim_sparc |Solaris SPARC DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |ddi_dma_lim_x86 |Solaris x86 DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |ddi_dma_req |Solaris DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |ddi_dmae_req |Solaris x86 DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |ddi_idevice_cookie |Solaris DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |ddi_mapdev_ctl |Solaris DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |devmap_callback_ctl |Solaris DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |dev_ops |Solaris DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |iovec |DDI/DKI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |kstat |Solaris DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |kstat_intr |Solaris DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |kstat_io |Solaris DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |kstat_named |Solaris DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |map |DDI/DKI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |modldrv |Solaris DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |modlinkage |Solaris DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |modlstrmod |Solaris DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |scsi_address |Solaris DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |scsi_arq_status |Solaris DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |scsi_device |Solaris DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |scsi_extended_sense |Solaris DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |scsi_hba_tran |Solaris DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |scsi_inquiry |Solaris DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |scsi_pkt |Solaris DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |scsi_status |Solaris DDI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |uio |DDI/DKI | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
Intro(9E) NOTES
Do not declare arrays of structures as the size of the structures can change between releases. Rely only on the structure members listed in this chapter and not on unlisted members or the position of a member in a structure. SunOS 5.11 15 May 2001 Intro(9S)

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