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Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers Remove line breaks and extra spaces Post 302999584 by RudiC on Thursday 22nd of June 2017 06:41:30 PM
Try again escaping "\)" the right parenthesis.
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When a function clones itself, it is considered to be recursive-clone function.
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To remove the extra spaces in unix

Hi... I am quite new to Unix and would like an issue to be resolved. I have a file in the format below; 4,Reclaim,ECXTEST02,abc123,Harry Potter,5432 6730 0327 5469,0603,,MC,,1200,EUR,sho-001,,1,,,abc123,1223 I would like my output to be as follows; 4,Reclaim,ECXTEST02,abc123,Harry... (4 Replies)
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Remove extra spaces in a line

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any better way to remove line breaks

Hi, I got some log files which print the whole xml message in separate lines: e.g. 2008-10-01 14:21:44,561 INFO do something 2008-10-01 14:21:44,561 INFO print xml : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <a> <b>my data</b> </a> 2008-10-01 14:21:44,563 INFO do something again I want... (3 Replies)
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remove extra spaces between fields

Hi, I have a source file as mentioned below: I want to remove all the extra spaces between the fields. a b--------|sa df-------|3232---|3 sf sa------|afs sdf-----|43-----|33 a b c------|adfsa dsf---|23-32|23 *Here '-' idicates spaces Now, I want output as below: a b|sa df|3232|3... (7 Replies)
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How to remove extra spaces from a string??

Hi, I have a string like this and i want to remove extra spaces that exists between the words. Here is the sentence. $string="The small DNA genome of hepadnaviruses is replicated by reverse transcription via an RNA intermediate. This RNA "pregenome" contains ... (2 Replies)
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Remove line breaks after a match

I need to remove all line breaks in a document after a match, until there is a blank line. Example below, after the match "THE GREEN TABLE" remove line breaks until a blank line. Then, after the match "THE BLUE TABLE" do the same. Before: THE GREEN TABLE Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,... (14 Replies)
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Delete line breaks and extra spaces between patterns

Hi, if in between strings "<section" and "</section>" across multiple lines there occurs the string "ole-present", delete all line breaks and replace any tabs or multiple spaces with a single space. Looking for an AWK or SED solution. Thank you. <section ... status = "ole-present" ...... (2 Replies)
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To remove the extra spaces at the end of each line in a file

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Remove single-line breaks only in document

Regarding copy/pasted text of copyright-free book from (link below), in attempt to expand single-line-break paragraph text (not section headings or paragraph breaks) to wider right margin, Justify or Wrap in LIbreOffice is not working, and Find/Replace the paragraph mark ($) wraps all... (2 Replies)
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set(n)							       Tcl Built-In Commands							    set(n)


set - Read and write variables SYNOPSIS
set varName ?value? _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
Returns the value of variable varName. If value is specified, then set the value of varName to value, creating a new variable if one doesn't already exist, and return its value. If varName contains an open parenthesis and ends with a close parenthesis, then it refers to an array element: the characters before the first open parenthesis are the name of the array, and the characters between the parentheses are the index within the array. Otherwise varName refers to a scalar variable. Normally, varName is unqualified (does not include the names of any containing namespaces), and the variable of that name in the current namespace is read or written. If varName includes names- pace qualifiers (in the array name if it refers to an array element), the variable in the specified namespace is read or written. If no procedure is active, then varName refers to a namespace variable (global variable if the current namespace is the global namespace). If a procedure is active, then varName refers to a parameter or local variable of the procedure unless the global command was invoked to declare varName to be global, or unless a variable command was invoked to declare varName to be a namespace variable. SEE ALSO
expr(n), proc(n), trace(n), unset(n) KEYWORDS
read, write, variable Tcl set(n)

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