"Running Turbo-cad and circuit wizard programmes."

Post #302988718 by Alfred Kruger on Sunday 1st of January 2017 05:51:41 AM

Running Turbo-cad and circuit wizard programmes.

Hi. i am new to Linux. i have a Turbo-cad and circuit wizard programme on CD that I want to install and run. I keep getting the message I do not have an auto-run programme. Do I need to install specific drivers for this? What programme do I need?
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SUPYBOT-WIZARD(1)					      General Commands Manual						 SUPYBOT-WIZARD(1)

supybot-wizard - A wizard for creating Supybot configuration files SYNOPSIS
supybot-wizard [options] DESCRIPTION
supybot-wizard is an in-depth wizard that provides a nice user interface for creating configuration files for supybot(1). OPTIONS
--version Show version of program. -h, --help Show summary of options. --allow-root Determines whether the wizard will be allowed to run as root. You do not want this. Do not do it. Even if you think you want it, you do not. --no-network Determines whether the wizard will be allowed to run without a network connection. SEE ALSO
python(1), supybot(1), supybot-test(1), supybot-botchk(1), supybot-adduser(1), supybot-plugin-doc(1), supybot-plugin-create(1) AUTHOR
This manual page was originally written by James Vega <jamessan at supybot dot com>. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or mod- ify this document under the terms of the Supybot license, a BSD-style license. SEPTEMBER 2004 SUPYBOT-WIZARD(1)

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