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Remove copyrighted information from a post

How do I contact someone to remove an old post that contains copyrighted and confidential information?
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Solaris 2.5.1 was registered as UNIX 95 compliant on the PReP PowerPC platform.
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phvia - mbk physical contact DESCRIPTION
The phvia structure is used to describe a via or contact belonging to a symbolic layout model, see phfig(3) for details. The declarations needed to work on phvia are available in the header file "/labo/include/mph402.h", where '402' is the actual mbk version. The following C structure supports the description of the via : typedef struct phvia { struct phvia *NEXT; char TYPE; long XVIA,YVIA; struct ptype *USER; } phvia_list; NEXT Pointer to the next phvia in the list. XVIA, YVIA Coordinates of the center of the via. Vias are macro generated patterns, so only their center is a matter of concern. TYPE Via type. The legal types for via are CONT_POLY poly alu1 contact CONT_VIA alu2 alu1 contact CONT_DIF_N alu1 difn contact CONT_DIF_P alu1 difp contact CONT_BODY_N alu1 nwell contact CONT_BODY_P alu1 pwell contact CONT_VIA2 alu2 alu3 contact C_X_N L shaped N transistor corner filling C_X_P L shaped P transistor corner filling USER Pointer to a ptype list, see ptype(3) for details, that is a general purpose pointer used to share informations on the via. SEE ALSO
mbk(1), addphvia(3), delphvia(3), phfig(3), ptype(3). BUG REPORT
This tool is under development at the ASIM department of the LIP6 laboratory. We need your feedback to improve documentation and tools. ASIM
/LIP6 October 1, 1997 PHVIA(3)

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