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Operating Systems AIX Need Help with SDD / SDDPCM / MPIO Post 302972591 by filosophizer on Sunday 8th of May 2016 04:37:58 PM
Old 05-08-2016
Further developments

Present Config
# lspcmcfg
hdisk8 (Avail pv ) 600A0B800019B057000010A3572E3AC5 = path0 (Enabled) path1 (Enabled) path2 (Ena
# pcmpath query device

Total Active/Passive Devices : 1

DEV#:   8  DEVICE NAME: hdisk8  TYPE: 1742-900  ALGORITHM:  Load Balance
SERIAL: 600A0B800019B057000010A3572E3AC5
Path#      Adapter/Path Name          State     Mode     Select     Errors
    0           fscsi0/path0          CLOSE   NORMAL          0          0
    1           fscsi1/path1          CLOSE   NORMAL          0          0
    2           fscsi2/path2          CLOSE   NORMAL          0          0
    3           fscsi3/path3          CLOSE   NORMAL          0          0
#       lspath
Enabled hdisk0 scsi2
Enabled hdisk1 scsi2
Enabled hdisk2 scsi2
Enabled hdisk3 scsi2
Enabled hdisk4 scsi3
Enabled hdisk5 scsi3
Enabled hdisk6 scsi3
Enabled hdisk7 scsi3
Enabled hdisk8 fscsi0
Enabled dac0   fscsi0
Enabled hdisk9 fscsi0
Enabled dac1   fscsi0
Enabled hdisk8 fscsi1
Enabled dac0   fscsi1
Enabled hdisk9 fscsi1
Enabled dac1   fscsi1
Enabled hdisk8 fscsi2
Enabled dac0   fscsi2
Enabled hdisk9 fscsi2
Enabled dac1   fscsi2
Enabled hdisk8 fscsi3
Enabled dac0   fscsi3
Enabled hdisk9 fscsi3
Enabled dac1   fscsi3

# manage_disk_drivers -l
Device           Present Driver     Driver Options
2810XIV          AIX_AAPCM          AIX_AAPCM,AIX_non_MPIO
DS4100           AIX_SDDAPPCM       AIX_APPCM,AIX_fcparray,AIX_SDDAPPCM
DS4200           AIX_SDDAPPCM       AIX_APPCM,AIX_fcparray,AIX_SDDAPPCM
DS4300           AIX_APPCM          AIX_APPCM,AIX_fcparray,AIX_SDDAPPCM
DS4500           AIX_SDDAPPCM       AIX_APPCM,AIX_fcparray,AIX_SDDAPPCM
DS4700           AIX_SDDAPPCM       AIX_APPCM,AIX_fcparray,AIX_SDDAPPCM
DS4800           AIX_SDDAPPCM       AIX_APPCM,AIX_fcparray,AIX_SDDAPPCM
DS3500           AIX_APPCM          AIX_APPCM
# lspv
hdisk0          00c7780e79838606                    rootvg          active
hdisk1          00c7780e2e21ec86                    diskpool_4      active
hdisk2          00c7780ea5bd16bb                    diskpool_4      active
hdisk3          00c7780ee224f286                    disk_pool_5     active
hdisk4          00c7780e1b75933b                    diskpool_3      active
hdisk5          00c7780ece91bde2                    diskpool_2      active
hdisk6          00c7780ec2b65f4d                    diskpool_1      active
hdisk7          00c7780e5293914b                    None
hdisk8          00c7780e9119f6d7                    None
hdisk9          none                                None
# lsdev -Cc disk
hdisk0 Available 09-08-00-3,0 16 Bit LVD SCSI Disk Drive
hdisk1 Available 09-08-00-4,0 16 Bit LVD SCSI Disk Drive
hdisk2 Available 09-08-00-5,0 16 Bit LVD SCSI Disk Drive
hdisk3 Available 09-08-00-8,0 16 Bit LVD SCSI Disk Drive
hdisk4 Available 09-08-01-3,0 16 Bit LVD SCSI Disk Drive
hdisk5 Available 09-08-01-4,0 16 Bit LVD SCSI Disk Drive
hdisk6 Available 09-08-01-5,0 16 Bit LVD SCSI Disk Drive
hdisk7 Available 09-08-01-8,0 16 Bit LVD SCSI Disk Drive
hdisk8 Available 0A-08-02     IBM MPIO DS4300 Array Disk
hdisk9 Available 0B-08-02     IBM MPIO DS4500 Array Disk

# lspcmcfg
hdisk8 (Avail pv ) 600A0B800019B057000010A3572E3AC5 = path0 (Enabled)
hdisk9 (Avail ) 600A0B800019B057000010A3572E3AC5 = path0 (Enabled)

Both hdisk8 and hdisk9 are same disks but one says IBM MPIO DS4300 and the other IBM MPIO DS4500 apart from showing it double.

So to make it simple:

Direct Connection (removed the san switch)
HBA 1 -- Port 1 -- To Controller A (SAN Storage )
HBA 2 -- Port 1 -- To Controller B (SAN Storage )

# lsdev -Cc disk

hdisk8 Available 0A-08-02     IBM MPIO DS4300 Array Disk
hdisk9 Available 0B-08-02     IBM MPIO DS4500 Array Disk

again seeing two disks

any solution / suggestion ?

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