Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Read input from Keyboard, do not proceed if no input Post 302967698 by wisecracker on Friday 26th of February 2016 01:24:30 PM
As an addendum...

You will need to work out the error checking for each important field.

For example to gather the email address somebody.something@someaddress.extension you will have to check that it has a valid format. Not to forget that once passed it has to be checked for email validity too.
The above example is valid although does not exist but somebody.somethinATsomeaddress.extension is not.

Anything requiring a number only will have to be checked too although this should be staright forward.
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Agent::Driver::Mail(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				  Agent::Driver::Mail(3pm)

Log::Agent::Driver::Mail - email driver for Log::Agent SYNOPSIS
use Log::Agent; require Log::Agent::Driver::Mail; my $driver = Log::Agent::Driver::Mail->make( -to => '', -cc => [ qw( admin@example,net ) ], -subject => "ALERT! ALERT!", -mailer => [ 'smtp', Server => '' ] ); logconfig(-driver => $driver); DESCRIPTION
This driver maps the logxxx() calls to email messages. Each call generates a separate email message. The Mail::Mailer module is required. CONSTRUCTOR
make OPTIONS The OPTIONS argument is a hash with the following keys: -prefix An optional prefix for the message body. -to The destination addresses, may be a scalar containing a valid email address or a reference to an array of addresses. -reply_to The reply-to addresses, may be a scalar containing a valid email address or a reference to an array of addresses. -from The source address, must be a scalar containing a valid email address. -subject The subject line of the email message. -cc The carbon copy addresses, may be a scalar containing a valid email address or a reference to an array of addresses. -bcc The blind carbon copy addresses, may be a scalar containing a valid email address or a reference to an array of addresses. -priority The priority level for the email message. This is NOT related to the logging priority. -mailer A reference to an array containing the optional arguments to Mail::Mailer->new(). Generally, this can be omitted. NOTES
Thanks to Shirley Wang for the idea for this module. AUTHOR
Mark Rogaski <> LICENSE
Copyright (C) 2002 Mark Rogaski; all rights reserved. See Log::Agent(3) or the README file included with the distribution for license information. SEE ALSO
Mail::Mailer, Log::Agent::Driver(3), Log::Agent(3). perl v5.10.0 2002-05-12 Agent::Driver::Mail(3pm)

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