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Full Discussion: Get a data and save
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Get a data and save Post 302945264 by sabercats on Wednesday 27th of May 2015 04:50:55 PM
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Get a data and save

If I have a A.log
1 Air Flow Monitor     : 34.070 Degrees C
2 Air Flow Monitor     : 41.730 Degrees C
3 Air Flow Monitor     : 35.340 Degrees C
4 Air Flow Monitor     : 33.370 Degrees C
5 Air Flow Monitor     : 36.770 Degrees C
6 Air Flow Monitor     : 45.910 Degrees C
7 Air Flow Monitor     : 33.690 Degrees C
8 Air Flow Monitor     : 33.580 Degrees C

How do you write a shell script to collect what number of Air flow with temperature >= 40.00 degrees C? and save it in A_high.log ?
2 Air Flow Monitor     : 41.730 Degrees C
6 Air Flow Monitor     : 45.910 Degrees C

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Text::Flow(3pm) 					User Contributed Perl Documentation					   Text::Flow(3pm)

Text::Flow - Flexible text flowing and word wrapping for not just ASCII output. SYNOPSIS
use Text::Flow; # use it on ASCII text ... my $flow = Text::Flow->new( check_height => sub { my $paras = shift; sum(map { scalar @$_ } @$paras) <= 10; }, wrapper => Text::Flow::Wrap->new( check_width => sub { length($_[0]) < 70 } ), ); my @sections = $flow->flow($text); # @sections will now be an array of strings, each string # will contain no more than 10 lines of text each of which # will be no longer then 70 characters long # or use it on text in a PDF file ... my $flow = Text::Flow->new( check_height => sub { my $paras = shift; (sum(map { scalar @$_ } @$paras) * $pdf->get_font_height) < 200; }, wrapper => Text::Flow::Wrap->new( check_width => sub { my $string = shift; $pdf->get_string_width($string) < 100 }, ) ); my @sections = $flow->flow($text); # @sections will now be an array of strings, each string # will contain text which will fit within 200 pts and # each line will be no longer then 100 pts wide DESCRIPTION
This module provides a flexible way to wrap and flow text for both ASCII and non-ASCII outputs. Another Text Wrap module!!?!?! The main purpose of this module is to provide text wrapping and flowing features without being tied down to ASCII based output and fixed- width fonts. My needs were for a more sophisticated text control in PDF and GIF output formats in particular. METHODS
new (%params) This constructs the new Text::Flow instance, and accepts parameters for the "wrapper" and "check_height" variables. wrapper (?$wrapper) This is the accessor for the internally help Text::Flow::Wrapper instance which is used by Text::Flow to wrap the individual lines. check_height This is the accessor for the CODE ref which is used to check the height of the current paragraph. It gets as an argument, an array-ref of paragraphs, each of which is also an array-ref of text lines. The most common usage is shown in the SYNOPSIS above, but you can really do anything you want with them. It is expected to return a Boolean value, true if the height is still okay, and false if the max height has been reached. flow ($text) This method preforms the text flowing. It returns an array of strings which can be treated as complete blocks of text. It will handle paragraph breaks and line breaks for you. Introspection meta Returns the Moose meta object associated with this class. TODO
I wanted to write some tests for using this with GD modules as well. I suppose we will have to wait until 0.02 for that. SIMILAR MODULES
There are a bunch of other text wrapping and flowing modules out there, but they are all meant for use in ASCII outout only. This just didn't work for my needs, so I wrote this one. If you need to wrap ASCII text and want to do it in a much simpler manner then this module provides, then I suggest checking out those modules. This module is specifically made for when those other modules are no longer powerful and flexible enough. BUGS
All complex software has bugs lurking in it, and this module is no exception. If you find a bug please either email me, or add the bug to cpan-RT. AUTHOR
Copyright 2007 by Infinity Interactive, Inc. <> This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.10.1 2007-05-21 Text::Flow(3pm)

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