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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting **python** unable to read the background color in python Post 302911974 by Chubler_XL on Tuesday 5th of August 2014 02:53:37 AM
Old 08-05-2014
From the documentation I think your going to need to look at:


fill_type might be something like and You may find it quite difficult to map all the different fill styles (Solid, 75% Grey, etc) to HTML backgrounds.

You will also have to convert the color indexes to RGB values.

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UPDATE-PYTHON-MODULES(8)				      System Manager's Manual					  UPDATE-PYTHON-MODULES(8)

update-python-modules - byte-compile python modules SYNOPSIS
update-python-modules [options] [package.public [...]] DESCRIPTION
The update-python-modules command is part of the python-support bundle. update-python-modules is responsible for the byte-compilation of python modules. When used in byte-compilation mode, it will byte-compile modules references in the files given on the command line. When used in installation mode, it will byte-compile them once for each installed python version, and will make them available for all of them. At each invocation, with or without arguments, update-python-modules will check for installed python versions, and will build or remove modules according to new or removed versions since the last time it was run. ARGUMENTS
Arguments must be files or directories located in the /usr/share/python-support directory. Depending on their extension, they are treated differently. package.public A file listing public modules to install for each version. These modules must lie in /usr/share/pyshared or /usr/lib/pyshared. package.private A file listing private modules to byte-compile for one Python version. package/ A legacy directory hierarchy of public modules. The C extensions and portions that change with the Python version are to be found in /usr/lib/python-support/pythonX.Y/package/. package.dirs A legacy file listing directories where to find private modules. OPTIONS
-h, --help Show summary of options. -v, --verbose Detail all actions while they are performed. -b, --bytecompile Only accept to work on private modules. When given this option, update-python-modules will fail if passed references to public mod- ules. -i, --install Only accept to work on public modules. When given this option, update-python-modules will fail if passed references to public mod- ules. -c, --clean Clean modules instead of installing them. -a, --rebuild-all Rebuild all private modules. This is necessary when the default python version was changed, for example. -f, --force-rebuild-all Clean all modules (public and private), and rebuild them. FILES
/usr/lib/pymodules/pythonX.Y/ These directories contain the byte-compiled modules for version pythonX.Y. SEE ALSO
/usr/share/doc/python-support/README.gz AUTHOR
Josselin Mouette <>. 18 Feb 2009 UPDATE-PYTHON-MODULES(8)

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