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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Needed SFTP script from windows to UNIX server and from UNIX to windows server(reverse SFTP) Post 302911144 by hemanthsaikumar on Wednesday 30th of July 2014 11:18:34 AM
Old 07-30-2014
Needed SFTP script from windows to UNIX server and from UNIX to windows server(reverse SFTP)

hi guys,
i need a script to sftp the file from windows to unix server ....(before that i have to check whether the file exists in the windows server or not

and again i have to reverse sftp the files from unix to windows server.....

Vasa Saikumar.
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Net::SFTP::Foreign::Constants(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation			Net::SFTP::Foreign::Constants(3pm)

Net::SFTP::Foreign::Constants - Constant definitions for Net::SFTP::Foreign SYNOPSIS
use Net::SFTP::Foreign::Constants qw(:tag SSH2_FILEXFER_VERSION); print "Protocol version is ", SSH2_FILEXFER_VERSION; DESCRIPTION
Net::SFTP::Foreign::Constants provides a list of exportable SFTP constants: for SFTP messages and commands, for file-open flags, for status messages, etc. Constants can be exported individually, or in sets identified by tag names. Net::SFTP::Foreign::Constants provides values for all of the constants listed in the SFTP protocol version 3 draft; the only thing to note is that the constants are listed with the prefix "SSH2_" instead of "SSH_". So, for example, to import the constant for the file-open command, you would write: use Net::SFTP::Foreign::Constants qw( SSH2_FXP_OPEN ); TAGS
As mentioned above, constants can either be imported individually or in sets grouped by tag names. The tag names are: :fxp Imports all of the "SSH2_FXP_*" constants: these are the constants used in the messaging protocol. :flags Imports all of the "SSH2_FXF_*" constants: these are constants used as flags sent to the server when opening files. :att Imports all of the "SSH2_FILEXFER_ATTR_*" constants: these are the constants used to construct the flag in the serialized attributes. The flag describes what types of file attributes are listed in the buffer. :status Imports all of the "SSH2_FX_*" constants: these are constants returned from a server "SSH2_FXP_STATUS" message and indicate the status of a particular operation. :error Imports all the "SFTP_ERR_*" constants used to represent high level errors: "SFTP_ERR_LOCAL_ALREADY_EXISTS", "SFTP_ERR_LOCAL_CHMOD_FAILED", "SFTP_ERR_LOCAL_OPEN_FAILED", "SFTP_ERR_LOCAL_READ_ERROR", "SFTP_ERR_LOCAL_STAT_FAILED", "SFTP_ERR_LOCAL_UTIME_FAILED", "SFTP_ERR_LOCAL_WRITE_FAILED", "SFTP_ERR_REMOTE_BAD_PACKET_SEQUENCE", "SFTP_ERR_REMOTE_BAD_PERMISSIONS", "SFTP_ERR_REMOTE_BAD_TIME", "SFTP_ERR_REMOTE_BLOCK_TOO_SMALL", "SFTP_ERR_REMOTE_CLOSE_FAILED", "SFTP_ERR_REMOTE_FSETSTAT_FAILED", "SFTP_ERR_REMOTE_FSTAT_FAILED", "SFTP_ERR_REMOTE_LSTAT_FAILED", "SFTP_ERR_REMOTE_MKDIR_FAILED", "SFTP_ERR_REMOTE_OPENDIR_FAILED", "SFTP_ERR_REMOTE_OPEN_FAILED", "SFTP_ERR_REMOTE_READDIR_FAILED", "SFTP_ERR_REMOTE_READ_FAILED", "SFTP_ERR_REMOTE_REALPATH_FAILED", "SFTP_ERR_REMOTE_REMOVE_FAILED", "SFTP_ERR_REMOTE_RENAME_FAILED", "SFTP_ERR_REMOTE_RMDIR_FAILED", "SFTP_ERR_REMOTE_READLINK_FAILED", "SFTP_ERR_REMOTE_SYMLINK_FAILED", "SFTP_ERR_REMOTE_SETSTAT_FAILED", "SFTP_ERR_REMOTE_STAT_FAILED", "SFTP_ERR_REMOTE_WRITE_FAILED" and "SFTP_ERR_REMOTE_HARDLINK_FAILED". Note: these constants are not defined on the SFTP draft. :ext Import all the "SSH2_FXE_*" constants: there are the constants defined for usage with SFTP extensions. Currently, these are supported: "SSH2_FXE_STATVFS_ST_RDONLY", "SSH_FXE_STATVFS_ST_NOSUID". There is one constant that does not fit into any of the tag sets: "SSH2_FILEXFER_VERSION", which holds the value of the SFTP protocol implemented by Net::SFTP::Foreign. AUTHOR &; COPYRIGHTS Please see the Net::SFTP::Foreign manpage for author, copyright, and license information. perl v5.14.2 2012-05-11 Net::SFTP::Foreign::Constants(3pm)

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