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Configure native ldap client on Solaris 10

Hi guys. First, sorry for my english, Im tried to write the best form but sure Im not do it.
Im tried to configure the native ldap client on Solaris 10 but yet dosen't work. May be the problem is in the pam.conf or something like that.

This is the line I was applied to configure the ldapclient:
ldapclient -vv manual -a credentialLevel=proxy -a  domainName=domine.com.ar -a  proxyDN="cn=sultano,ou=userspecial,ou=user,o=sultano" -a  proxyPassword='passwd' -a authenticationMethod=simple -a  defaultSearchBase=ou=userspecial,ou=user,o=sultano

When I check the configure I see this:
 -bash-3.2# ldapclient list
Unable to set locale.
NS_LDAP_BINDDN= cn=sultano,ou=userspecial,ou=user,o=sultano
NS_LDAP_BINDPASSWD= {NS1}f170edf81e61e0678pb320e1
NS_LDAP_SEARCH_BASEDN= ou=userspecial,ou=user,o=sultano
NS_LDAP_AUTH= simple
-bash-3.2# svcs -a | grep ldap
online         17:45:11 svc:/network/ldap/client:default

May be the connection to the ldap server works fine:
-bash-3.2# ldaplist
dn: cn=sultano,ou=userspecial,ou=user,o=sultano

This is my pam.conf and my nsswitch.conf:

# Copyright (c) 1996, 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
# PAM configuration
login   auth requisite          pam_authtok_get.so.1
login   auth required           pam_dhkeys.so.1
login   auth required           pam_unix_cred.so.1
login   auth sufficient           pam_unix_auth.so.1
login   auth required           pam_dial_auth.so.1
login   auth required           pam_ldap.so.1
# rlogin service (explicit because of pam_rhost_auth)
rlogin  auth sufficient         pam_rhosts_auth.so.1
rlogin  auth requisite          pam_authtok_get.so.1
rlogin  auth required           pam_dhkeys.so.1
rlogin  auth required           pam_unix_cred.so.1
rlogin  auth sufficient         pam_unix_auth.so.1
rlogin  auth required           pam_ldap.so.1
# Kerberized rlogin service
krlogin auth required           pam_unix_cred.so.1
krlogin auth required           pam_krb5.so.1
# rsh service (explicit because of pam_rhost_auth,
# and pam_unix_auth for meaningful pam_setcred)
rsh     auth sufficient         pam_rhosts_auth.so.1
rsh     auth required           pam_unix_cred.so.1
# Kerberized rsh service
krsh    auth required           pam_unix_cred.so.1
krsh    auth required           pam_krb5.so.1
# Kerberized telnet service
ktelnet auth required           pam_unix_cred.so.1
ktelnet auth required           pam_krb5.so.1
# PPP service (explicit because of pam_dial_auth)
ppp     auth requisite          pam_authtok_get.so.1
ppp     auth required           pam_dhkeys.so.1
ppp     auth required           pam_unix_cred.so.1
ppp     auth sufficient           pam_unix_auth.so.1
ppp     auth required           pam_dial_auth.so.1
ppp     auth required           pam_ldap.so.1
# Default definitions for Authentication management
# Used when service name is not explicitly mentioned for authentication
other   auth requisite          pam_authtok_get.so.1
other   auth required           pam_dhkeys.so.1
other   auth required           pam_unix_cred.so.1
other   auth sufficient         pam_unix_auth.so.1
other   auth required           pam_dial_auth.so.1
other   auth required           pam_ldap.so.1
# passwd command (explicit because of a different authentication module)
passwd  auth sufficient         pam_passwd_auth.so.1
passwd  auth required           pam_ldap.so.1
# cron service (explicit because of non-usage of pam_roles.so.1)
cron    account required        pam_unix_account.so.1
# Default definition for Account management
# Used when service name is not explicitly mentioned for account management
other   account sufficient      pam_ldap.so.1
other   account requisite       pam_roles.so.1
other   account required        pam_unix_account.so.1
# Default definition for Session management
# Used when service name is not explicitly mentioned for session management
other   session required        pam_unix_session.so.1
# Default definition for Password management
# Used when service name is not explicitly mentioned for password management
other   password required       pam_dhkeys.so.1
other   password requisite      pam_authtok_get.so.1
# Password construction requirements apply to all users.
# Remove force_check to have the traditional authorized administrator
# bypass of construction requirements.
other   password requisite      pam_authtok_check.so.1 force_check
other   password required       pam_authtok_store.so.1
# Support for Kerberos V5 authentication and example configurations can
# be found in the pam_krb5(5) man page under the "EXAMPLES" section.

# Copyright 2006 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
# Use is subject to license terms.
# ident "@(#)nsswitch.ldap      1.10    06/05/03 SMI"

# /etc/nsswitch.ldap:
# An example file that could be copied over to /etc/nsswitch.conf; it
# uses LDAP in conjunction with files.
# "hosts:" and "services:" in this file are used only if the
# /etc/netconfig file has a "-" for nametoaddr_libs of "inet" transports.

# LDAP service requires that svc:/network/ldap/client:default be enabled
# and online.

# the following two lines obviate the "+" entry in /etc/passwd and /etc/group.
passwd:     files ldap
group:      files ldap

# consult /etc "files" only if ldap is down.
#hosts:      ldap [NOTFOUND=return] files # Commented out by DHCP
hosts: ldap dns [NOTFOUND=return] files # Added by DHCP

# Note that IPv4 addresses are searched for in all of the ipnodes databases
# before searching the hosts databases.
#ipnodes:    ldap [NOTFOUND=return] files # Commented out by DHCP
ipnodes: ldap dns [NOTFOUND=return] files # Added by DHCP

networks:   ldap [NOTFOUND=return] files
protocols:  ldap [NOTFOUND=return] files
rpc:        ldap [NOTFOUND=return] files
ethers:     ldap [NOTFOUND=return] files
netmasks:   ldap [NOTFOUND=return] files
bootparams: ldap [NOTFOUND=return] files
publickey:  ldap [NOTFOUND=return] files

netgroup:   ldap

automount:  files ldap
aliases:    files ldap

# for efficient getservbyname() avoid ldap
services:   files ldap

printers:   user files ldap

auth_attr:  files ldap
prof_attr:  files ldap

project:    files ldap

tnrhtp:     files ldap
tnrhdb:     files ldap

I have no experience administering Solaris now and although I have read many guides and documentation to configure the ldap client does not work yet. Surely I'm doing something wrong to set it up.

Would greatly appreciate your help or any comments to solve.


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