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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting To define a sender name in mail command Post 302873117 by schandru on Monday 11th of November 2013 07:59:12 AM
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To define a sender name in mail command


I am using the unix script to send a report on daily basis using the mail command. Here the sender name is appearing as myname i.e. chandru (

Is there any way to change sender name as a user defined name? example i need to change it to SupportTeam ( instead of chandru (

Could you please help me whether this is possible in Unix mail command?

Many Thanks in advance.

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Can someone help me in the above?

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BHOST(5)							 LAM FILE FORMATS							  BHOST(5)

bhost - LAM boot schema (host file) format SYNTAX
# # comments # <machine> [cpu=<cpucount>] [user=<userid>] <machine> [cpu=<cpucount>] [user=<userid>] ... DESCRIPTION
A boot schema describes the machines that will combine to form a multicomputer running LAM. It is used by recon(1) to verify initial con- ditions for running LAM, by lamboot(1) to start LAM, and by lamhalt(1) to terminate LAM (note that wipe(1) has been deprecated by the lamhalt(1) command). The particular syntax of a LAM boot schema is sometimes called the "host file" syntax. It is line oriented. One line indicates the name of a machine, typically the full Internet domain name, an optional number of CPUs available on that machine, and optionally the userid with which to access it. Common boot schema for a particular site may be created by the system administrator and placed in the installation directory under etc/. They typically start with the prefix bhost. Individual users usually create their own boot schema, especially if the configurations are simple. EXAMPLE
Here is an example three node boot schema: # # example LAM host file # cpu=2 user=guest Note that the "guest" ID is significant, since the user has an alternate login ID on Additionally note that beowulf1 has a CPU count of 2 listed (a CPU count of 1 is assumed if it is not given). This value is used by mpirun(1), MPI_Comm_spawn(2), and MPI_Comm_spawn_multiple(2) for the "C" (or CPU) notation that specifies how many ranks to start. This is particularly useful for run- ning on SMP machines. beowulf2 is listed twice, but has no specific CPU count listed. In this case, LAM will keep a running tally of the total number of CPUs for that host. Hence, LAM will calculate that beowulf2 has two CPUs available for use. Calculating the number of CPUs by counting occu- rances of a hostname is useful in a batch environment where a hostfile may list the same hostname multiple times, indicating that the batch scheduler has allocated multiple CPUs for a single job (e.g., PBS operates this way). For the above-mentioned schema, the command "mpirun C foo" would start five instances of the foo program; two on beowulf1, two on beowulf2, and one on somewhere.else. FILES
$LAMHOME/etc/bhost.def default boot schema file SEE ALSO
lamboot(1), lamhalt(1), mpirun(1), MPI_Comm_spawn(1), MPI_Comm_spawn_multiple(1), recon(1), wipe(1) LAM 6.5.8 November, 2002 BHOST(5)

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