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Old 09-09-2013
Ps -ef, output getting truncated, please help

Hi All,

here is an output of my command and the problem is that my output string is truncated, I want to exact the full string, I am on BASH shell, please help me out.


command with Output :
lonss05903:cmdsvc01 /home/cmdsvc01 > ps -aef|grep 'Copy'
cmdsvc01  2642  8675   0   Sep 05 ?           0:00 sh -c /opt/app/CLM2/bmart_DEV01/Informatica/9.1.0/Server/infa_shared/Shell/Copy
cmdsvc01 12827 12720   0 09:45:56 pts/6       0:00 grep Copy
cmdsvc01 29092  8675   0   Aug 29 ?           0:00 sh -c /opt/app/CLM2/bmart_DEV01/Informatica/9.1.0/Server/infa_shared/Shell/Copy

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Just to add more information, here is my OS details:

SunOS 5.10 Last change: 9 Jan 2008 16


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EVM Support Library (, libevm.a) SYNOPSIS
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The status code for which a text description is to be prepared. A pointer to a character string where EvmStatusTextGet() should store the formatted event data. The stored string will be null-terminated, even if truncated, unless the nBytes parameter is zero (0). The maximum length of the output string. If the formatted status is longer than nBytes, the output is truncated. DESCRIPTION
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The operation was completed without error. One of the arguments to the function was invalid. ERRORS
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