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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Total number of files in the folder should be listed Post 302851065 by Don Cragun on Friday 6th of September 2013 02:35:43 PM
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Assuming that you want the names of files in the current directory (including those whose first character is a dot (.)) and that no file in the current directory have names that contain a newline character:
ls -f | wc -l

will give you the number of files in the current directory.

If you want a sorted list of the files in the current directory followed by the number of files, try:
ls -a | tee /dev/tty | wc -l

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IRSEND(1)							   User Commands							 IRSEND(1)

irsend - basic LIRC program to send infra-red commands SYNOPSIS
Asks the lircd daemon to send one or more CIR (Consumer Infra-Red) commands. This is intended for remote control of electronic devices such as TV boxes, HiFi sets, etc. DIRECTIVE can be: SEND_ONCE - send CODE [CODE ...] once SEND_START - start repeating CODE SEND_STOP - stop repeating CODE LIST - list configured remote items SET_TRANSMITTERS - set transmitters NUM [NUM ...] SIMULATE - simulate IR event REMOTE is the name of a remote, as described in the lircd configuration file. CODE is the name of a remote control key of REMOTE, as it appears in the lircd configuration file. NUM is the transmitter number of the hardware device. For the LIST DIRECTIVE, REMOTE and/or CODE can be empty: LIST "" "" - list all configured remote names LIST REMOTE "" - list all codes of REMOTE LIST REMOTE CODE - list only CODE of REMOTE The SIMULATE command only works if it has been explicitly enabled in lircd. -h --help display usage summary -v --version display version -d --device use given lircd socket [/var/run/lirc/lircd] -a --address=host[:port] connect to lircd at this address -# --count=n send command n times EXAMPLES
irsend LIST DenonTuner "" irsend SEND_ONCE DenonTuner PROG-SCAN irsend SEND_ONCE OnkyoAmpli VOL-UP VOL-UP VOL-UP VOL-UP irsend SEND_START OnkyoAmpli VOL-DOWN ; sleep 3 irsend SEND_STOP OnkyoAmpli VOL-DOWN irsend SET_TRANSMITTERS 1 irsend SET_TRANSMITTERS 1 3 4 irsend SIMULATE "0000000000000476 00 OK TECHNISAT_ST3004S" FILES
/etc/lirc/lircd.conf Default lircd configuration file. It should contain all the remotes, their infra-red codes and the corresponding timing and wave- form details. DIAGNOSTICS
If lircd is not running (or /var/run/lirc/lircd lacks write permissions) irsend aborts with the following diagnostics: "irsend: could not connect to socket" "irsend: Connection refused" (or "Permission denied"). SEE ALSO
The documentation for lirc is maintained as html pages. They are located under html/ in the documentation directory. lircd(8), mode2(1), smode2(1), xmode2(1), irrecord(1), irw(1), irsend 0.9.0-pre1 October 2010 IRSEND(1)

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