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Old 09-02-2013
Originally Posted by Don Cragun
In all likelihood, the OS didn't change the files, it is just that the file utility was made smarter to distinguish between different types of C++ program text.

Look at /etc/magic on both systems and see if there is something containing the string "with BOM". It may help you understand why CentOS6 adds that phrase in the output from the file utility. However, since it is a programming language check, the rules file is using might not be in /etc/magic.
I've checked the OSs and only CentOS6 has /etc/magic file and there is nothing in there .

Any other suggestions would be appreciated Smilie
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VT-IS-UTF8(1)							Linux User's Manual						     VT-IS-UTF8(1)

vt-is-UTF8 - check whether current VT is in UTF8- or byte-mode. SYNOPSIS
vt-is-UTF8 [-h|--help] [-V|--version] [-q|--quiet] DESCRIPTION
vt-is-UTF8 checks whether the current VT is in UTF8 mode, by writing (and erasing afterwards) a 3-byte-long UTF8 sequence, and looking how much chars where displayed by the console driver. A message telling in which mode the console is is then written to stdout (except if the --quiet option was given). If the --quiet option is not given, the value returned is 1 if an error occurs, else 0. OPTIONS
-h --help display version number, a short help message and exit. -V --version display version number and exit. -q --quiet do not print on stdout in with mode we are, but return the state as exit-status 1 if in UTF8-mode, 0 if in byte-mode. In case of error, 0 is returned and a message is displayed on stderr. BUGS
The check should be done by directly asking the kernel, which is not possible as of kernels 2.0.x. As of kernel 2.0.35, the byte-mode is sometimes erroneously detected as UTF8-mode, after switching from a 512-chars font to a 256-chars font. This is probably a console-driver bug. SEE ALSO
unicode_start(1), unicode_stop(1). Console tools 10 Aug 1998 VT-IS-UTF8(1)

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