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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How to concatenate Path name to a variable?? Post 302845953 by Pete.kriya on Thursday 22nd of August 2013 05:04:39 PM
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Originally Posted by RudiC

This really helped..
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Asking on concatenate variable

Hi , like to ask if we use ksh script to take in parameter into $1 and how do i concatenate the $1 value with some words into a variable?? Below is what i have written and i think is wrong ,how do i write it? datafile="Report" || $1 || ".xls" (Should become Report2000.xls) echo... (3 Replies)
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How to concatenate a string and a variable

I need a way to build variable in this manner: variable_$i Inside a for loop i need to create it. where i goes from 1 to 30.. and then i need to print them on screen with echo $variable_$i which is the best way to do this? (6 Replies)
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remove a path from PATH environment variable

Hi I need a script which will remove a path from PATH environment variable. For example $echo PATH /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:test/rmve:/usr/games $echo rmv test/rmve Here I need a shell script which will remove rmv path (test/rmve) from PATH... (9 Replies)
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Concatenate a string to a variable

Hello All, How to concatenate a string to a variable in a script I'm having a file which is consisting of data and i need to extract the first line of the file and append it to a string. /tmp/samp.list containg 60000 I like to concatenate it with a string (SS_) grep -w SS_$(head -1... (1 Reply)
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5. Shell Programming and Scripting

one liner to extract path from PATH variable

Hi, Could anyone help me in writing a single line code by either using (sed, awk, perl or whatever) to extract a specific path from the PATH environment variable? for eg: suppose the PATH is being set as follows PATH=/usr/bin/:/usr/local/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin/java:/usr/bin/perl3.4 ... (2 Replies)
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6. Shell Programming and Scripting

Variable concatenate

Hello, It might be stupid question But I will ask it any way:) var1="1 2 3 4" var2="5 6 7 8" var3=$var1\ $var2 var4="$var1\n$var2" echo "$var1" echo "$var2" echo "$var3" echo "$var4" The result of executing this code is as follow 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4\n5 6... (12 Replies)
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Appending a path in user's PATH variable

Hello Folks, I want to append a path in user's PATH variable which should be available in current session. Background Numerous persons will run a utility. Aim is to add the absolute path of the utility the first time it runs so that next runs have the PATH in env & users can directly run... (6 Replies)
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Path a variable to sed that includes a path

Hi I'm trying to select text between two lines, I'm using sed to to this, but I need to pass variables to it. For example start="BEGIN /home/mavkoup/data" end="END" sed -n -e '/${start}/,/${end}/g' doesn't work. I've tried double quotes as well. I think there's a problem with the / in the... (4 Replies)
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Need to create concatenate the shell variable with file content

Hi Guys, I have a file. Each record needs to inserted into a table. The table also have other columns which needs to be inserted with Shell variables. The following is the file. Error code None. Error Code 1 The shell script is having these variables. Name=Magesh Dep=Coding ... (1 Reply)
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Concatenate two variables and form the third variable

Hi Guys, I was scratching my head for this for half a day... finally not successful :confused: Following is the problem I have a variable $ var1=123 $ var2-234 $ var3=345 and another Variable $ i=1 Now i wanted to save these into a Variable as shown below for i in 1 2 3 do... (5 Replies)
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GENE2XML(1)						     NCBI Tools User's Manual						       GENE2XML(1)

gene2xml - convert NCBI Entrez Gene ASN.1 into XML SYNOPSIS
gene2xml [-] [-b] [-c] [-i filename] [-l] [-o filename] [-p path] [-r path] [-t N] [-x] [-y] [-z] DESCRIPTION
gene2xml is a stand-alone program that converts Entrez Gene ASN.1 into XML. Entrez Gene data are stored as compressed binary Entrezgene- Set ASN.1 files on the NCBI ftp site, and have the suffix .ags.gz. These are several-fold smaller than compressed XML files, resulting in a significant savings of disk storage and network bandwidth. Normal processing by gene2xml produces text XML files with the same name but with .xgs as the suffix. OPTIONS
A summary of options is included below. - Print usage message -b File is Binary -c File is Compressed -i filename Single Input file (standard input by default) when not using -p -l Log processing (list files processed when using -p) -o filename Single Output file (standard output by default) when not using -p -p path Path to Files (if processing an entire directory) -r path Path for Results when using -p; defaults to the input directory -t N Limit to the given Taxon ID (per -x Extract .ags to text .agc (format previously distributed) -y Combine .agc to text .ags (for testing) -z Combine .agc to binary .ags, then gzip AUTHOR
The National Center for Biotechnology Information. SEE ALSO
asn2all(1), asn2asn(1), asn2xml(1), asndhuff(1), /usr/share/doc/ncbi-tools-bin/gene2xml.txt.gz, /usr/share/doc/libncbi6/ncbixml.txt.gz NCBI
2005-05-16 GENE2XML(1)

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