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Full Discussion: Remove char if not a number
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Remove char if not a number Post 302845473 by neutronscott on Wednesday 21st of August 2013 02:53:25 PM
Old 08-21-2013
$ string=3X; echo "${string//[!0-9]/}"

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Number of specific char in a string.

I wish to compute the number of dot chars in a string. Example: VAR="aaaa.bbbbb.cccc" I try the shortest command to solve this test. Thanks in advance for your help. Regards, Giovanni (7 Replies)
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how to get number char from a string

for example: i hav a string like : /rmsprd/arch01/rmsprd/rmsprdarch72736.log how I can extract my_num=72736? I know I can echo "/rmsprd/arch01/rmsprd/rmsprdarch72736.log" | tr "/" " " | awk '{ print $4 }' to get rmsprdarch72736.log (4 Replies)
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To find number of char occur

To find out number of "|" symbol is available in file: Input: a|b|c|d|z Ouput: 4 I am using below set of commands,It is working... Anybody have anyother solution using sed / awk. cnt=`wc -c <1.txt` cnt1=`tr -d "|" <1.txt >c.dat` cnt2=`wc -c <c.dat` outp=`expr $cnt... (19 Replies)
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Help needed to remove a char from a specified sub-string

Hi! I'm having trouble usind sed to remove the char ' from within a database's varchar register's sql. For example, on the following sql: INSERT INTO patrimonio_municipal.patrimonio_municipal_airc_tmp Values('|Estação Elevatória|',|16723|,'|Grandes Reparações|', '|2010-03-26... (3 Replies)
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can I remove the first char using AWK?

Hi everyone, suppose that I have the following line: #test your knowledge can I use AWK to print the word "test" only? without the #? what should I change to this: awk '{print $1}' thanks in advance guys (2 Replies)
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Hi guys, This is my input 2735:<7001> 34 789 701 2 2774:<7001> 34 789 701 2 How to delete characters after colon : Including colon : too ? My output should... (3 Replies)
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Help me to remove junk char

I wanted to remove junk char in my csv. :mad: Input file format: "17","9986782190","0","D","2" "17","9900918331","0","D","2" "13","9986782194","0","A","2" Output file format 9986782190 9900918331 9986782194 And one more thing all the time "13"," this will be different Ex: . (2 Replies)
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How count number of char?

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Remove double char occurences

I have a file with random characters where every time a char occurs twice, one occurrence must be removed. Eg. asjkdhaSSd Must become: asjkdhaSd Anybody has a SED script in mind to do it? (1 Reply)
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How to remove a char before a pattern?

Hi I have a file where i want to remove a char before a specific pattern. exp: CREATE TABLE ( A, B, C, ----comma needs to be removed )AS SELECT A, B, C, ----comma needs to be removed FROM TABLE. So i want to delete the comma(,) after the C both ways.Pattern can be... (11 Replies)
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geoip_region_name_by_code - Returns the region name for some country and region code combo

string geoip_region_name_by_code (string $country_code, string $region_code) DESCRIPTION
The geoip_region_name_by_code(3) function will return the region name corresponding to a country and region code combo. In the United States, the region code corresponds to the two-letter abbreviation of each state. In Canada, the region code corresponds to the two-letter province or territory code as attributed by Canada Post. For the rest of the world, GeoIP uses FIPS 10-4 codes to represent regions. You can check for a detailed list of FIPS 10-4 codes. This function is always available if using GeoIP Library version 1.4.1 or newer. The data is taken directly from the GeoIP Library and not from any database. PARAMETERS
o $country_code - The two-letter country code (see geoip_country_code_by_name(3)) o $region_code - The two-letter (or digit) region code (see geoip_region_by_name(3)) RETURN VALUES
Returns the region name on success, or FALSE if the country and region code combo cannot be found. EXAMPLES
Example #1 A geoip_region_name_by_code(3) example using region code for US/Canada This will print the region name for country CA (Canada), region QC (Quebec). <?php $region = geoip_region_name_by_code('CA', 'QC'); if ($region) { echo 'Region name for CA/QC is: ' . $region; } ?> The above example will output: Region name for CA/QC is: Quebec Example #2 A geoip_region_name_by_code(3) example using FIPS codes This will print the region name for country JP (Japan), region 01. <?php $region = geoip_region_name_by_code('JP', '01'); if ($region) { echo 'Region name for JP/01 is: ' . $region; } ?> The above example will output: Region name for JP/01 is: Aichi PHP Documentation Group GEOIP_REGION_NAME_BY_CODE(3)

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