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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers How to stop the uprintfd daemon? Post 302844088 by Scott on Friday 16th of August 2013 11:01:14 AM
Old 08-16-2013
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I want to write background running program. How to use daemon function. Please send me source code. Thanks. (1 Reply)
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Creating a Daemon

how to convert a c program into a Daemon. thanks in advance svh (2 Replies)
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daemon dies, need to know why

Say I have a daemon that dies for an unknown reason. Is there a way to track its process ID to try to determine when it dies and what causes it to go away? (2 Replies)
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daemon process

how i will write the daemon process,if any body have sample daemon process send me. (1 Reply)
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editing syslog to stop a particular daemon logging

Hi there I get the following message im my messages file 2 or 3 times a second Dec 4 11:44:18 my-box in.timed: connect from localhost I would like to stop in.timed from logging to syslog altogether as this message is filling up my disk. I dont want to stop altogether... (0 Replies)
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6. UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users

how to stop others users to stop viewing what i am doing ?

Hi , I have one question, suppose i am a normal user and when i use 'w' command , it shows who is logged on and what they are doing . Now i want to stop others users to know what i am doing accept the root ? can i do this ? thanks (5 Replies)
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i want to write a daemon service which listens the 8080 port and write down all the details in one file. How can i do this ? (2 Replies)
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Daemon 101

I think I have an issue almost like Sammy_T's. I want to make a piece of code run as a daemon. I have some java, along with it 15 classpath's converted to a shell script that I can "runmyjavap". The script is just what I need to run after compiling it: #!/bin/sh java -classpath : ...(from... (3 Replies)
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NFS Daemon

I'm setting up a solaris server at home. At the moment I have to keep running: /etc/init.d/nfs.server start To start my NFS server process. Is there anything I can do to make this happen automatically at boot? Many thanks in anticipation. Stin. (4 Replies)
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about mountd daemon ?

Manually we can stop the daemon by stopsrc command other-than this In which case mountd daemon will crash automatically. (1 Reply)
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FAXANSWER(8)						      System Manager's Manual						      FAXANSWER(8)

faxanswer - tell a HylaFAX server to answer the telephone SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/faxanswer [ -q queue-dir ] [ -h how ] modem DESCRIPTION
faxanswer sends a message to the HylaFAX faxgetty(8) process servicing modem telling it to answer the telephone. This is useful, for exam- ple, when a modem is used on a shared phone line and the server is configured to not normally answer the phone. The specified modem can either be the name (typically the last component of the terminal port the modem is attached to), or the full name of the associated FIFO named pipe file, e.g. ``FIFO.ttym2''. OPTIONS
-q dir Use a spooling area other than /var/spool/hylafax. -h Specify exactly how the phone should be answered. By default, the server process is instructed to answer the phone and accept any kind of call (voice, data, fax). Discrimination of the type of call is dependent on a modem's adaptive-answer support. The -h option can be used to force the server to answer the phone for particular type of call: one of fax, data, voice, any, extern (to force faxgetty to invoke an external application to to handle the call), or dialX (where X is a dialstring to dial before initiating a fax reception). If using dialX, the specified dialstring will likely need to end with a semicolon (``;''). FILES
/var/spool/hylafax default spooling area /var/spool/hylafax/FIFO fifo for contacting faxq Consult hylafax-server(5) for a complete discussion of the structure and content of the spooling area. SEE ALSO
hylafax-server(5), faxgetty(8) May 23, 1996 FAXANSWER(8)

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