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Full Discussion: Junk email
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Junk email Post 302841351 by joeyg on Wednesday 7th of August 2013 08:25:27 AM
Old 08-07-2013
Check inside your email program

Don't think it is related to the send command. Check you email program on the receiving end - sometimes simply marking something as 'no spam' will help it learn how to recognize the email as valid. Another trick is to add the 'sender' email address (what will appear as sender) to you address book at
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Mail::Verify(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation					 Mail::Verify(3pm)

Mail::Verify - Utility to verify an email address SYNOPSIS
use Mail::Verify; DESCRIPTION
"Mail::Verify" provides a function CheckAddress function for verifying email addresses. First the syntax of the email address is checked, then it verifies that there is at least one valid MX server accepting email for the domain. Using Net::DNS and IO::Socket a list of MX records (or, falling back on a hosts A record) are checked to make sure at least one SMTP server is accepting connections. ERRORS
Here are a list of return codes and what they mean: 0 The email address appears to be valid. 1 No email address was supplied. 2 There is a syntaxical error in the email address. 3 There are no DNS entries for the host in question (no MX records or A records). 4 There are no live SMTP servers accepting connections for this email address. EXAMPLES
This example shows obtaining an email address from a form field and verifying it. use CGI qw/:standard/; use Mail::Verify; my $q = new CGI; [...] my $email = $q->param("emailaddr"); my $email_ck = Mail::Verify::CheckAddress( $email ); if( $email_ck ) { print '<h1>Form input error: Invalid email address.</h1>'; } [...] perl v5.8.8 2002-06-09 Mail::Verify(3pm)

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