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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Iterate array using loop over ssh Post 302831895 by rajamadhavan on Friday 12th of July 2013 06:50:45 AM
I think, this is expected.

When your commands go to server, all the variables are replaced by its values.
The 'echo '${test1[$m]}' at the end of your command is evaluated by your local system (the first element of the array since it cannot make out what $m is) and would be replaced by 'test1' by the time it reaches the server . So it prints the same for all the iterations.
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WDMD(8) 						      System Manager's Manual							   WDMD(8)

wdmd - watchdog multiplexing daemon SYNOPSIS
This daemon opens /dev/watchdog and allows multiple independent sources to detmermine whether each KEEPALIVE is done. Every test interval (10 seconds), the daemon tests each source. If any test fails, the KEEPALIVE is not done. In a standard configuration, the watchdog timer will reset the system if no KEEPALIVE is done for 60 seconds ("fire timeout"). This means that if single test fails 5-6 times in row, the watchdog will fire and reset the system. With multiple test sources, fewer separate failures back to back can also cause a reset, e.g. T seconds, P pass, F fail T00: test1 P, test2 P, test3 P: KEEPALIVE done T10: test1 F, test2 F, test3 P: KEEPALIVE skipped T20: test1 F, test2 P, test3 P: KEEPALIVE skipped T30: test1 P, test2 F, test3 P: KEEPALIVE skipped T40: test1 P, test2 P, test3 F: KEEPALIVE skipped T50: test1 F, test2 F, test3 P: KEEPALIVE skipped T60: test1 P, test2 F, test3 P: KEEPALIVE skipped T60: watchdog fires, system resets (Depending on timings, the system may be reset sometime shortly before T60, and the tests at T60 would not be run.) A crucial aspect to the design and function of wdmd is that if any single source does not pass tests for the fire timeout, the watchdog is guaranteed to fire, regardless of whether other sources on the system have passed or failed. A spurious reset due to the combined effects of multiple failing tests as shown above, is an accepted side effect. wdmd will exit if a watchdog driver is not loaded. wdmd cannot be used on the system with any other program that needs to open /dev/watchdog, e.g. watchdog(8). Test Source: clients Using libwdmd, programs connect to wdmd via a unix socket, and send regular messages to wdmd to update an expiry time for their connection. Every test interval, wdmd will check if the expiry time for a connection has been reached. If so, the test for that client fails. (Other test sources such as scripts executed each test interval may be added in the future.) OPTIONS
-D Enable debugging to stderr and don't fork. -H num Enable (1) or disable (0) high priority features such as realtime scheduling priority and mlockall. Default 1. 2011-08-01 WDMD(8)

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