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Hello, I've tried for a while now to run a bash script that continues to the end, while opening new shells as needed. I've tried xterm -e "somecommand"; & xterm -e " somecommand"; I've also tried screen -S "somecommand"; & screen -S "somecommand"; All without any luck, they... (5 Replies)
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multiple child scripts running in backgroud, how to use grep on the parent?

Hi I have a shell script A which calls another 10 shell scripts which run in background. How do i make the parent script wait for the child scripts complete, or in other words, i must be able to do a grep of parent script to find out if the child scripts are still running. My Code: ... (5 Replies)
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4. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

Script Problem-Processing multiple scripts

Hi All, I have four scripts to run. My 1st script will make script2 and script3 to run. I am setting a cron job for this script1 to run continuously. This script1 will check for 2 text files and based on the existance of those text files it will initiate the script2 and script3. Now my doubt... (2 Replies)
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Cron and multiple scripts problem.

Hello All, I have 3 scripts namingly 1X 2X and 3X. I have one directory ABC created which contains some 40 sub directories. I have one input file in the below format.The input file resides in ABC directory. Inputfile format; subdirectoryname date subdirectoryname1 date subdirectoryname2... (1 Reply)
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Running Multiple scripts based on file size.

Hi, I have created 3 shell scripts which has to run one by one first two shell scripts will create a .txt files...which are used by the third shell script.Now I want to create a master script and run all these in a single script. Please give a pseudo code on how to so the same. ... (4 Replies)
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Hi All, After reading that the sort command in Linux can be made to use many processor cores just by using a simple script which I found on the internet, I was wondering if I can use similar techniques for programs like the awk and sed? #!/bin/bash # Usage: psort filename <chunksize>... (7 Replies)
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Running multiple php scripts into one php only, cron mail alert problem...

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Running Multiple Scripts for different business date

Hi Team, I have the below 4 scripts which I will be running in sequential order. This run will start for today's business date. If all the 4 scripts are success for today that means script has ran succesfully. Howver if any one of these 4 scripts failed then it has to take the next... (1 Reply)
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Running Multiple scripts at a time

Hello! I have a scriptA.ksh and in this script I need to call script1.ksh, script2.ksh, script3.ksh, script4.ksh and script5.ksh. But want to run in two batches like 1st script1.ksh, script2.ksh, script3.ksh, once all 3 are completed then script4.ksh script5.ksh I have given the syntax... (1 Reply)
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httppower(8)							     powerman							      httppower(8)

httppower - communicate with HTTP based power distribution units SYNOPSIS
httppower [--url URL] DESCRIPTION
httppower is a helper program for powerman which enables it to communicate with HTTP based power distribution units. It is run interac- tively by the powerman daemon. OPTIONS
-u, --url URL Set the base URL. INTERACTIVE COMMANDS
The following commands are accepted at the httppower> prompt: auth user:pass Authenticate to the base URL with specified user and password, using ``basic'' HTTP authentication which sends the user and password over the network in plain text. seturl URL Set the base URL. Overrides the command line option. get [URL-suffix] Send an HTTP GET to the base URL with the optional URL-suffix appended. post [URL-suffix] key=val[&key=val]... Send an HTTP POST to the base URL with the optional URL-suffix appended, and key-value pairs as argument. FILES
/usr/sbin/httppower /etc/powerman/powerman.conf ORIGIN
PowerMan was originally developed by Andrew Uselton on LLNL's Linux clusters. This software is open source and distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL. SEE ALSO
powerman(1), powermand(8), httppower(8), plmpower(8), vpcd(8), powerman.conf(5),, powerman-devices(7). powerman-2.3.5 2009-02-09 httppower(8)

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