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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users Trouble accessing SVN on Ubuntu Post 302776655 by DGPickett on Wednesday 6th of March 2013 03:46:23 PM
Old 03-06-2013
Does "svn diff" show your differences? update is suposed o resync the local files to the server, like just before making a mod fter a lot of mucking around. It should erase your changes. Do not confuse it with checkin ci

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HXINCL(1)							  HTML-XML-utils							 HXINCL(1)

hxincl - expand included HTML or XML files SYNOPSIS
hxincl [ -x ] [ -f ] [ -s name=subst ] [ -s name=subst ]... [ -b base ] [ file-or-URL ] DESCRIPTION
The hxincl command copies an HTML or XML file to standard output, looking for comments with a certain structure. Such a comment is replaced by the file whose name is given as the attribute of the directive. For example: ...<!-- include "foo.html" -->... will be replaced by the content of the file foo.html. It is important to note that you must quote filenames if they contain white space. The comment is replaced by <!-- begin-include "foo.html" --> before the included text and <!-- end-include "foo.html" --> after it. These comments make it possible to run hxincl on the resulting file again to update the inclusions. Single quotes are allowed instead of double quotes. And if the file name contains no spaces, the quotes may also be omitted. OPTIONS
The following options are supported: -x Use XML conventions: empty elements are written with a slash at the end: <IMG />. -b base Sets the base URL for resolving relative URLs. By default the file given as argument is the base URL. -f Removes the comments after including the files. This means hxincl connot be run on the resulting file later to update the inclu- sions. (Mnemonic: final or frozen.) -s name=substitution Include a different file than the one mentioned in the directive. If the comment is <!-- include "name" --> the file substitution is included instead. The option -s may occur multiple times. OPERANDS
The following operand is supported: file-or-URL The name of an HTML or XML file or the URL of one. If absent, standard input is read instead. EXIT STATUS
The following exit values are returned: 0 Successful completion. > 0 An error occurred in the parsing of one of the HTML or XML files. ENVIRONMENT
To use a proxy to retrieve remote files, set the environment variables http_proxy or ftp_proxy. E.g., http_proxy="http://localhost:8080/" BUGS
Assumes UTF-8 as input. Doesn't expand character entities. Instead pipe the input through hxunent(1) and asc2xml(1) to convert it to UTF-8. Remote files (specified with a URL) are currently only supported for HTTP. Password-protected files or files that depend on HTTP "cookies" are not handled. (You can use tools such as curl(1) or wget(1) to retrieve such files.) SEE ALSO
asc2xml(1), hxnormalize(1), hxnum(1), hxprune(1), hxtoc(1), hxunent(1), xml2asc(1), UTF-8 (RFC 2279) 6.x 10 Jul 2011 HXINCL(1)

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