"Sort and vectors on awk"

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Full Discussion: Sort and vectors on awk
Sort and vectors on awk


i have a script and it makes a txt like this :

Caps 12
cans 9
cols 10

my print line is something like this

for(i in a)
                print i, a[i];

i have to order the txt from higher to low like:

Caps 12
cols 10
cans 9

and i have two questions:

- is there a way to sort before printing?

- how can you sort a[i] because i refers to a value not a position (i its not < or > because it will be Caps, Cols or Cans), and i cannot change it like in java or c when you do something like this:

for (i = 0; i < X.length; i++)
for (j = i; j < X.length-1; j++)
if (X[j] > X[j+1])
aux = X[j];
X[j] = X[j+1];
X[j+1] = aux;

but in this case i is a position or a value?, im so confused about this way to use vectors, if someone can explain a little or give me documentation about vectors in awk /unix i will apreciate it.

thanks for all
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YAZ_SORT(3)								 1							       YAZ_SORT(3)

yaz_sort - Sets sorting criteria

void yaz_sort (resource $id, string $criteria) DESCRIPTION
This function sets sorting criteria and enables Z39.50 Sort. Call this function beforeyaz_search(3). Using this function alone does not have any effect. When used in conjunction with yaz_search(3), a Z39.50 Sort will be sent after a search response has been received and before any records are retrieved with Z39.50 Present (yaz_present(3). PARAMETERS
o $id - The connection resource returned by yaz_connect(3). o $criteria - A string that takes the form field1 flags1 field2 flags2 where field1 specifies the primary attributes for sort, field2 seconds, etc.. The field specifies either a numerical attribute combinations consisting of type=value pairs separated by comma (e.g. 1=4,2=1) ; or the field may specify a plain string criteria (e.g. title. The flags is a sequence of the following characters which may not be separated by any white space. Sort Flags o a - Sort ascending o d - Sort descending o i - Case insensitive sorting o s - Case sensitive sorting RETURN VALUES
No value is returned. EXAMPLES
Example #1 Sort Criterias To sort on Bib1 attribute title, case insensitive, and ascending you would use the following sort criteria: 1=4 ia If the secondary sorting criteria should be author, case sensitive and ascending you would use: 1=4 ia 1=1003 sa PHP Documentation Group YAZ_SORT(3)

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