Operating Systems Solaris System is stuck at the OK prompt Post 302747389 by bluridge on Friday 21st of December 2012 07:23:51 AM
System is stuck at the OK prompt

Here is a little background. We have a V240 server that has two disks mirrored (out of 4 disks) and one of the disk complained when booting up. The system complained with /etc/inittab file is truncated or corrupted, cannot create /ar/adm/utmpx failed write of utmpx entry.

Someone tried to fix this problem by removing the mirrored root disk and tried booting up the system. I believe with mirrored disks you cannot do that and must break the mirror to remove. Or at least boot up to the other mirrored root disk before breaking the mirror.

The system boots up in the ok prompt with the original mirrored disk and I cannot get it to boot to the other mirrored disk. I have ran the devalias and used this path to create nvalias altboot path and rebooting the box. But I still come up with the ok prompt.

am trying to boot to the other mirrored disk but have failed to get to that point. Whoever build thi box provided me with a Gold Disk and this is what was used in place of the root disk but I do not think the mirror was broken up before using this Gold Disk...thus think we may have a stale system.

Any ideas on how to boot up in the other mirrored disk?

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vxmirror(1M)															      vxmirror(1M)

vxmirror - mirror volumes on a disk or control default mirroring SYNOPSIS
/etc/vx/bin/vxmirror [-g diskgroup ] [-d yes|no ] [-t tasktag ] medianame [new_medianame...] /etc/vx/bin/vxmirror [-g diskgroup ] [-d yes|no ] [-t tasktag ] -a [new_medianame...] /etc/vx/bin/vxmirror [-g diskgroup ] [-d yes|no] /etc/vx/bin/vxmirror [-g diskgroup] -D DESCRIPTION
The vxmirror command provides a mechanism to mirror all non-mirrored volumes that are located on a specified disk, to mirror all currently non-mirrored volumes in the specified disk group, or to change or display the current defaults for mirroring. All volumes that have only a single plex (mirror copy), are mirrored by adding an additional plex. Volumes containing subdisks that reside on more than one disk are not mirrored by vxmirror. vxmirror is generally called from the vxdiskadm menus. It is not an interactive command, and after it is called, continues until comple- tion of the operation or until a failure is detected. Note: Generating mirror copies of volumes can take a considerable time to complete. In the first listed form of this command, the disk media name is supplied on the command line to vxmirror. That name is assumed to be the only disk from which volumes are mirrored. In the case of mirroring volumes from a specified disk, only simple single-subdisk volumes are mirrored. In the first and second listed forms of the command, new_medianame... identifies a new disk media name (or set of names). The mirroring operation uses these names as targets on which to allocate the mirrors. An error results if the same disk is specified for both the source and target disk and if no other viable targets are supplied. Hardware-Specifc Note Some environments provide guidelines to optimize the VxVM's interaction with intelligent storage systems. If these guidelines are present, VxVM follows the guidelines when creating volumes or allocating space for volumes. By default, vxmirror only creates mirror volumes that conform with these guidelines. The following options change the behavior of vxmirror: -o override Creates a mirror of the specified volume and ignores any storage-specific guidelines. Overriding the guidelines is not recom- mended as it can result in incompatible objects, or objects that cannot be administered by VxVM. -o verify Verifies that the specified mirror can be created without violating any storage-specific guidelines, but does not create the plex. If any guidelines are violated, vxmirror exits with an error message. Note: These options need a specific license. Without the license, vxmirror ignores the specified option. OPTIONS
-a Mirrors all existing volumes for the specified disk group. -d yes | no Changes the default for subsequent volume creation, depending on the option argument. If yes, then all subsequent volumes cre- ated automatically become mirrored volumes. If no, then mirroring is turned off for future volumes created. -D Displays current default status for mirroring. -g diskgroup Limits operation of the command to the given disk group, as specified by disk group ID or disk group name. The medianame oper- ands are evaluated relative to the given disk group. If this option is not specified, the default disk group is determined using the rules given in the vxdg(1M) manual page. -t tasktag Specifies using a tasktag as the tag for any tasks created to perform the mirror operations. EXAMPLES
The following command mirrors all non-mirrored volumes on disk disk01 to the available space on any other available disk. Subsequent calls to vxassist mirror created volumes by default. /etc/vx/bin/vxmirror -d yes disk01 This command displays the current status of default mirroring. It outputs the string yes if mirroring is currently enabled, or no if mir- roring is not enabled. /etc/vx/bin/vxmirror -D This command mirrors any volumes on disk02 to disk03. /etc/vx/bin/vxmirror disk02 disk03 FILES
/etc/default/vxassist The defaults file for vxassist parameters. SEE ALSO
vxassist(1M), vxdiskadm(1M), vxintro(1M), vxtask(1M) VxVM 24 Mar 2008 vxmirror(1M)

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