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Full Discussion: Sending Mail with Postfix
Same as the "outbound server" on your outlook express or Thunderbird account.
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NISPLUS_TABLE(5)						File Formats Manual						  NISPLUS_TABLE(5)

nisplus_table - Postfix NIS+ client SYNOPSIS
postmap -q "string" "nisplus:[name=%s];name.name." postmap -q - "nisplus:[name=%s];name.name." <inputfile DESCRIPTION
The Postfix mail system uses optional lookup tables. These tables are usually in dbm or db format. Alternatively, lookup tables can be specified as NIS+ databases. To find out what types of lookup tables your Postfix system supports use the "postconf -m" command. To test Postfix NIS+ lookup tables, use the "postmap -q" command as described in the SYNOPSIS above. QUERY SYNTAX
Most of the NIS+ query is specified via the NIS+ map name. The general format of a Postfix NIS+ map name is as follows: nisplus:[name=%s];name.name.name.:column Postfix NIS+ map names differ from what one normally would use with commands such as niscat: o With each NIS+ table lookup, "%s" is replaced by a version of the lookup string. There can be only one "%s" instance in a Postfix NIS+ map name. o Postfix NIS+ map names use ";" instead of ",", because the latter character is special in the Postfix main.cf file. Postfix replaces ";" characters in the map name by "," before making NIS+ queries. o The ":column" part in the NIS+ map name is not part of the actual NIS+ query. Instead, it specifies the number of the table column that provides the lookup result. When no ":column" is specified the first column (1) is used. EXAMPLE
A NIS+ aliases map might be queried as follows: alias_maps = dbm:/etc/mail/aliases, nisplus:[alias=%s];mail_aliases.org_dir.$mydomain.:1 This queries the local aliases file before the NIS+ file. SEE ALSO
postmap(1), Postfix lookup table manager README FILES
Use "postconf readme_directory" or "postconf html_directory" to locate this information. DATABASE_README, Postfix lookup table overview LICENSE
The Secure Mailer license must be distributed with this software. AUTHOR(S) Geoff Gibbs UK-HGMP-RC Hinxton Cambridge CB10 1SB, UK Adopted and adapted by: Wietse Venema IBM T.J. Watson Research P.O. Box 704 Yorktown Heights, NY 10598, USA NISPLUS_TABLE(5)

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