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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Trouble Compling ZoneMinder 1.25.X from Source/Ubuntu 12.04 Post 302720059 by metallica1973 on Tuesday 23rd of October 2012 12:39:18 PM
Old 10-23-2012
Many thanks for the reply. I will give this a shot and give you my feedback.
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Protocol::Connection(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				 Protocol::Connection(3pm)

X11::Protocol::Connection - Perl module abstract base class for X11 client to server connections SYNOPSIS
# In connection object module package X11::Protocol::Connection::CarrierPigeon; use X11::Protocol::Connection; @ISA = ('X11::Protocol::Connection'); sub open { ... } sub give { ... } sub get { ... } sub fh { ... } ... # In program $connection = X11::Protocol::Connection::CarrierPigeon ->open($host, $display_number); $x = X11::Protocol->new($connection); $connection->give($data); $reply = unpack("I", $connection->get(4)); use IO::Select; $sel = IO::select->new($connection->fh); if ($sel->can_read == $connection->fh) ... DESCRIPTION
This module is an abstract base class for the various X11::Protocol::Connection::* modules that provide connections to X servers for the X11::Protocol module. It provides stubs for the following methods: open $conn = X11::Protocol::Connection::Foo->open($host, $display_num) Open a connection to the specified display (numbered from 0) on the specified $host. give $conn->give($data) Send the given data to the server. Normally, this method is used only by the protocol module itself. get $data = $conn->get($n) Read $n bytes of data from the server. Normally, this method is used only by the protocol module itself. fh $filehandle = $conn->fh Return an object suitable for use as a filehandle. This is mainly useful for doing select() and other such system calls. AUTHOR
Stephen McCamant <>. SEE ALSO
perl(1), X11::Protocol, X11::Protocol::Connection::Socket, X11::Protocol::Connection::FileHandle, X11::Protocol::Connection::INETSocket, X11::Protocol::Connection::UNIXSocket, X11::Protocol::Connection::INETFH, X11::Protocol::Connection::UNIXFH. perl v5.14.2 2003-01-27 Protocol::Connection(3pm)

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