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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers ldap , search groups that user belong Post 302682359 by prpkrk on Monday 6th of August 2012 06:58:03 AM
Old 08-06-2012
ldap , search groups that user belong

i want run query to identify witch groups that user A belong,

CN=name,CN=Users,DC=mydomain ??
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CONFLICT(8)                                                          [nmh-1.5]                                                         CONFLICT(8)

conflict - search for alias/password conflicts SYNOPSIS
/usr/lib/mh/conflict [-search directory] [-mail name] [-version] [-help] [aliasfiles ...] DESCRIPTION
Conflict is a program that checks to see if the interface between nmh and the transport system is in good shape Conflict also checks for maildrops in /var/mail which do not belong to a valid user. It assumes that no user name will start with `.', and thus ignores files in /var/mail which begin with `.'. It also checks for entries in the group(5) file which do not belong to a valid user, and for users who do not have a valid group number. In addition duplicate users and groups are noted. If the -mail name switch is used, then the results will be sent to the specified name. Otherwise, the results are sent to the standard output. The -search directory switch can be used to search directories other than /var/mail and to report anomalies in those directories. The -search directory switch can appear more than one time in an invocation to conflict. Conflict should be run under cron(8), or whenever system accounting takes place. FILES
/etc/nmh/mts.conf nmh mts configuration file /etc/passwd List of users /etc/group List of groups /usr/bin/mh/mhmail Program to send mail /var/mail/ Directory of mail drop PROFILE COMPONENTS
mh-alias(5) DEFAULTS
`aliasfiles' defaults to /etc/nmh/MailAliases CONTEXT
None MH.6.8 11 June 2012 CONFLICT(8)

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