"Port VPM Decompression Algorithm to PHP and then to Dive Computer"

Post #302636539 by Neo on Monday 7th of May 2012 02:41:26 PM



Also need to add BOYLES_LAW_COMPENSATION code so we have VPM-B and not VPM, at at some point in time (after VPM is nearly finished).

See attached.
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get_cfg_var - Gets the value of a PHP configuration option

string get_cfg_var (string $option) DESCRIPTION
Gets the value of a PHP configuration $option. This function will not return configuration information set when the PHP was compiled, or read from an Apache configuration file. To check whether the system is using a configuration file, try retrieving the value of the cfg_file_path configuration setting. If this is available, a configuration file is being used. PARAMETERS
o $option - The configuration option name. RETURN VALUES
Returns the current value of the PHP configuration variable specified by $option, or FALSE if an error occurs. CHANGELOG
+--------+---------------------------------------------------+ |Version | | | | | | | Description | | | | +--------+---------------------------------------------------+ | 5.3.0 | | | | | | | get_cfg_var(3) was fixed to be able to return | | | "array" ini options. | | | | +--------+---------------------------------------------------+ SEE ALSO
ini_get(3), ini_get_all(3). PHP Documentation Group GET_CFG_VAR(3)

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