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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Merging Lines based on criteria Post 302621249 by losttouch on Tuesday 10th of April 2012 05:38:39 AM
Thank you everyone for the help! It is greatly appreciated. I used the awk statement and it worked really well. One edit I made to it was by changing the ORS from ' ' to '' (no space). I had to remove space because it was introduced space in and was making the entries less "meaningful".

Thanks once again!
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brk(2)								System Calls Manual							    brk(2)

brk, sbrk - change data segment space allocation SYNOPSIS
and are used to change dynamically the amount of space allocated for the calling process's data segment; see exec(2). The change is made by resetting the process's break value and allocating the appropriate amount of space. The break value is the address of the first loca- tion beyond the end of the data segment. The amount of allocated space increases as the break value increases. The newly allocated space is set to zero. sets the break value to endds and changes the allocated space accordingly. adds incr bytes to the break value and changes the allocated space accordingly. incr can be negative, in which case the amount of allo- cated space is decreased. ERRORS
and fail without making any change in the allocated space if one or more of the following are true: [ENOMEM] Such a change would result in more space being allocated than is allowed by a system-imposed maximum (see ulimit(2)). [ENOMEM] Such a change would cause a conflict between addresses in the data segment and any attached shared memory segment (see shmop(2)). [ENOMEM] Such a change would be impossible as there is insufficient swap space available. [EINVAL] Such a change will result in crossing the boundary to uninitialized data in the calling process's data segment. WARNINGS
The pointer returned by is not necessarily word-aligned. Loading or storing words through this pointer could cause word alignment prob- lems. Be very careful when using either or in conjunction with calls to the malloc(3C) library routines. There is only one program data segment from which all three of these routines allocate and deallocate program data memory. RETURN VALUE
Upon successful completion, returns a value of 0. Otherwise, a value of -1 is returned and is set to indicate the error. Upon successful completion, returns the old break value. Otherwise, is returned and is set to indicate the error. The symbol is defined in the header No successful return from will return the value AUTHOR
and were developed by AT&T and HP. SEE ALSO
exec(2), shmop(2), ulimit(2), end(3C), malloc(3C). STANDARDS CONFORMANCE

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