"awk: convert column to row in a specific way"

Post #302618391 by lucasvs on Wednesday 4th of April 2012 01:21:09 AM

awk: convert column to row in a specific way

Hi all!

I have this kind of output:

I would like to transpose columns d and e (when they exist) in column c, and under the row where they come from.
Then copying the beginning of the row.

In order to obtain:

I have no idea how to do that ...

If someone could help me, it would be great !
Thanks !
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DB2_FETCH_BOTH(3)							 1							 DB2_FETCH_BOTH(3)

db2_fetch_both - Returns an array, indexed by both column name and position, representing a row in a result set

array db2_fetch_both (resource $stmt, [int $row_number = -1]) DESCRIPTION
Returns an array, indexed by both column name and position, representing a row in a result set. Note that the row returned by db2_fetch_both(3) requires more memory than the single-indexed arrays returned by db2_fetch_assoc(3) or db2_fetch_array(3). PARAMETERS
o $stmt - A valid stmt resource containing a result set. o $row_number - Requests a specific 1-indexed row from the result set. Passing this parameter results in a PHP warning if the result set uses a forward-only cursor. RETURN VALUES
Returns an associative array with column values indexed by both the column name and 0-indexed column number. The array represents the next or requested row in the result set. Returns FALSE if there are no rows left in the result set, or if the row requested by $row_number does not exist in the result set. EXAMPLES
Example #1 Iterating through a forward-only cursor If you call db2_fetch_both(3) without a specific row number, it automatically retrieves the next row in the result set. The follow- ing example accesses columns in the returned array by both column name and by numeric index. <?php $sql = "SELECT id, name, breed, weight FROM animals ORDER BY breed"; $stmt = db2_prepare($conn, $sql); $result = db2_execute($stmt); while ($row = db2_fetch_both($stmt)) { printf ("%-5d %-16s %-32s %10s ", $row['ID'], $row[0], $row['BREED'], $row[3]); } ?> The above example will output: 0 Pook cat 3.20 5 Rickety Ride goat 9.70 2 Smarty horse 350.00 Example #2 Retrieving specific rows with db2_fetch_both(3) from a scrollable cursor If your result set uses a scrollable cursor, you can call db2_fetch_both(3) with a specific row number. The following example retrieves every other row in the result set, starting with the second row. <?php $sql = "SELECT id, name, breed, weight FROM animals ORDER BY breed"; $result = db2_exec($stmt, $sql, array('cursor' => DB2_SCROLLABLE)); $i=2; while ($row = db2_fetch_both($result, $i)) { printf ("%-5d %-16s %-32s %10s ", $row[0], $row['NAME'], $row[2], $row['WEIGHT']); $i = $i + 2; } ?> The above example will output: 0 Pook cat 3.20 5 Rickety Ride goat 9.70 2 Smarty horse 350.00 SEE ALSO
db2_fetch_array(3), db2_fetch_assoc(3), db2_fetch_object(3), db2_fetch_row(3), db2_result(3). PHP Documentation Group DB2_FETCH_BOTH(3)

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