Top Forums Programming Exact meaning of the "world" in "hello world" Post 302611561 by admin_xor on Friday 23rd of March 2012 04:11:27 AM
When you say "Hello World" you actually mean "Hello Everybody!!" Smilie

"World" does not mean the Earth or Universe in this context. It simply means "Human Beings" here.

Hope this clears your confusion.
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TURNIN(1)						      General Commands Manual							 TURNIN(1)

turnin - submit assignments to be graded SYNOPSYS
turnin [ OPTIONS ] -c [ course-name ] files DESCRIPTION
Submits assignments to be graded. We submit to the default project if it is not specified as an option. REQUIRED ARGUMENTS
-c, --course Sets the course to which we'll submit our assignments. files A list of files we wish to submit. They will be compressed using tar(1) and gzip(1) formats before being copied to the submission directory. OPTIONS
--version Print turnin's version -h, --help Print a help message -l, --list Prints a list of projects, along with whether or not they are enabled and shows which project is the default project. -p, --project Sets the project to which we'll submit our assignments. -C, --config Path to an alternate configuration file -v, --verbose Prints a list of submitted files once they have been submitted. -k, --keyid Cryptographically signs an assignment using gpg(1) -w, --legal Print warranty and license information. EXAMPLES
turnin -c world-cheeses --list List the projects in the course world-cheeses. turnin -c world-cheeses stilton-recipe Submit the file stilton-recipe to the default project in the course world-cheeses. turnin -c world-cheeses -p stilton stilton-recipe Submit the file stilton-recipe to the project stilton in the course world-cheeses. FILES
/etc/ ~/.turnin-ng/submissions SEE ALSO
turnincfg(1) The full documentation for turnin is maintained as a Texinfo manual. If the info and turnin programs are properly installed at your site, the command info turnin-ng should give you access to the complete manual. AUTHOR
Turnin-NG and this manpage were written by Ryan Kavanagh <> in the summer of 2009 and are still actively maintained. Turnin-NG is a replacement for the 'project' and 'turnin' commands written in 1990 for the SPARC architecture by an unknown author. Both Turnin-NG and this manpage are distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2, or (at your option) any later version. Turnin-NG SEPTEMBER 2010 TURNIN(1)

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