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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting netstat command Post 302572453 by vbe on Thursday 10th of November 2011 04:24:42 AM
UNIX servers usually have default network TIMEOUT set to values that were from the times of 10Mb networks... In other words the times when you could unplug and move around cables without taking too much risks of seeing the server crashing (complaining at the most) then came interconnection with WIN.. serversin multi-tier environment and users on PCs with 100Mb/1GB lan interfaces and things changed a bit: admins started to have strange issues where people couldn't connect anymore, application were no more responding... due to no more sockets etc... because e.g for the case of PCs, when no more activity for a little time the PC closed the connection and when activity started again -opened a new one... On the UNIX side though the connection did not get the close request and stayed in a zombiesque state till the server cleared the TIMEOUTs. We were talking of second on one side and minutes on the other...
So your understanding is correct...
It shows that things you write that work may still be buggy... And needs to be tested thoroughly and be sure of the correctness of code (you open an ftp session - you closed it behind...) for even if the code is perfect the usage of it may have side effects:
Now you code is correct. What will happen if you send hundreds of parallel sessions with big transfer? We had one case where all the switches dropped in cascade...

Have a good day
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The MongoConnectionException class

Thrown when the driver fails to connect to the database. There are a number of possible error messages to help you diagnose the connection problem. These are: o No candidate servers found Thrown when the driver cannot establish a connection to MongoDB (fulfilling the ReadPreferences, if specified). o No server name given. This error occurs if you pass in "" as the server name, probably because of an typo with string interpola- tion, e.g., "$servr" instead of "$server". o failed to get host [hostname] or port [portnum] from [server]. This indicated that the server string was malformed. "[hostname]" and "[portnum]" will be as much as the driver could dicipher of it. o Operation in progress Connecting to the database timed out. o Transport endpoint is not connected Generally means that the connection string isn't correct, the driver couldn't even find the database server. o couldn't determine master No server in a replica set connection was identified as the primary. o couldn't get host info for [server] This indicated that DNS could not resolve the server address you gave. This could easily be caused by a typo, for example, "server" instead of "$server". o Invalid Argument This can be caused by attempting to connect to a machine that is up but that the database isn't actually running on. Make sure that you've started the database server before connecting. o Permission denied This means that the socket could not be opened due to permissions issues. On Red Hat variants, this can be caused by a default setting that does not allow Apache to create network connections. You can override this setting by running: $ /usr/sbin/setsebool -P httpd_can_network_connect 1 If the error message is not listed above, it is probably an error from the C socket, and you can search the web for its usual cause. CLASS SYNOPSIS
MongoConnectionException MongoConnectionExceptionextends MongoException PHP Documentation Group MONGOCONNECTIONEXCEPTION(3)

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