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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? What people should be aware of Post 302533563 by ctsgnb on Friday 24th of June 2011 04:42:15 AM
Old 06-24-2011
What people should be aware of

I you haven't already see it yet, I just wanted to share with you the following video :

How lobbies controls international organizations regarding Food/Health ...
Dailymotion - NWO - Nouvel Ordre Mondial - Codex Alimentarius - Food Plan - une vidéo News & Politics

What happen when fees come over the decent limits (people get angry)
YouTube - ‪The Battle for Parliament Square - Student Riots 2010 London‬‏

How banks lobbies + CIA proceed to steal the money and take over low cost country using International Monetary Fund and world bank...
Dailymotion - John Perkins, confessions d'un corrupteur de nations - une vidéo News & Politics

You may need time to see it from beginning to end but i still think they deserve all your attention

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httppower(8)							     powerman							      httppower(8)

httppower - communicate with HTTP based power distribution units SYNOPSIS
httppower [--url URL] DESCRIPTION
httppower is a helper program for powerman which enables it to communicate with HTTP based power distribution units. It is run interac- tively by the powerman daemon. OPTIONS
-u, --url URL Set the base URL. INTERACTIVE COMMANDS
The following commands are accepted at the httppower> prompt: auth user:pass Authenticate to the base URL with specified user and password, using ``basic'' HTTP authentication which sends the user and password over the network in plain text. seturl URL Set the base URL. Overrides the command line option. get [URL-suffix] Send an HTTP GET to the base URL with the optional URL-suffix appended. post [URL-suffix] key=val[&key=val]... Send an HTTP POST to the base URL with the optional URL-suffix appended, and key-value pairs as argument. FILES
/usr/sbin/httppower /etc/powerman/powerman.conf ORIGIN
PowerMan was originally developed by Andrew Uselton on LLNL's Linux clusters. This software is open source and distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL. SEE ALSO
powerman(1), powermand(8), httppower(8), plmpower(8), vpcd(8), powerman.conf(5), powerman.dev(5), powerman-devices(7). http://sourceforge.net/projects/powerman powerman-2.3.5 2009-02-09 httppower(8)

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